by Acebloke
Try to make the longest word with a random set of letters
Explanation on hub:

AFK: Sets it so you wont be selected to pick letters, click this if you want if you still wanna play but not pick.

W: Asks you to make a word from the letters available.

C and V: Consonants and Vowels. Vowels are A E I O U and consonants are anything other than them. Click this if its your turn to select letters. You need vowels remember, but not too many. Its usualy recomended to have 2-4, depending on what your given.

Tornaments: To do scoring, you'll need to have someone who is willing to opt out the game ( they can still do words, but they cant give themselves points ). Click start tornament and then choose the point giver. He/She can then give players a point if they get the longest word ( they act as the judge, basicaly ).