by Acebloke
[AMT] Quest Sequal
This is the second quest game, which is a developing series which gets better each time, and also I plan to convert into tutorials one day. Except movement, clicking is all there is to it, the battle commands, the odd map event (people who join, chest, door) and that's about it. Remember to click the end boss after the battle, or else you wont get the nice ending message.

Er, have fun I suppose. It shouldn't have taken almost a year to do this, it should have been done in a week, two weeks max.

In v1.3, the file size is smaller, 2 medals available, boss icons and slight changes to others, and better balancing of enemies.

Quest2 is now part of the "AceMedalTable" ! You can take part after gaining medals in this game by this link and following the instructions: