by Masterdan
Gekisen for 56kers, people with slow computers, and people who love to use their LAN.
Update 1.40 non beta, no bugs and stuff. Keep in mind i realized after uploading it to the site that the top will say 1.35, just ignore it. Its wrong.

Update 1.40B6 and a stable website for the file, enjoy.

Update 1.40B5 A great great great update that rocks so good.. im releasing it for lan now because of server troubles.

Update 1.35r13, more bug fixes, has an ip check on login to see if your multilogged (doesnt prevent it) has a delay on IT, fixed infinite knockback bug and many more.
Update 1.35r11, this is a pretty good update, it fixes balance issue that made it so ki attacks didnt get more powerfull when transformed. Well now they do. Also theres some bug fixes, and an gold vegeta hair ssj4 bug was fixed.

Important Update: 1.35r10, this is important that everybody get this, because 1st off this version will put your game up on the hub so people can join and stuff. But on top of that it has the rsc linked properly to the website, which is important because otherwise people will have to download icons as they see them. Also theres a number of bug fixes, a new custom attack type and the thing that made it so if your savefile was a certain version it would be pwiped is taken out because it was only intended for the online version. Please update, this is the best version for LAN available.

Update: 1.35r1, the new updates out :O and super customizable attacks are in! this ones popular, so im putting it up for lan (only fair).

Update: 1.34r8, this one has some pretty big balance changes, sensu beans dont have a cooldown and gravity is much better. This is what the players wanted so it was done. Also it has a few extra buttons, an updated budokai and a purify button so you can leave hosted budokais.
Update: 1.34r3 is uploaded now from our reliable new website, so gekisenLAN is going to be speedy and for the first time in like a month, up. So yay.

Update: 1.33r12 is adding to the bug fixes and is almost perfect.
Update: GekisenLAN is now R11, since the initial release of 1.33 there have been a lot of follow up updates because the kistruggle system was to hard on the server, and a lot of bugfixes had to be made, this is the most stable version yet.
This is updated to 1.33, and we moved it to a new download location, so it will... well work. Tripod cut me off for going against their user agreement of hosting files remotely.
This is a hosting file for Dragonball Gekisen to let you play offline, or with 3 other people through a lan, its not meant for online play, but you can if you want. The server doesnt show up in the Hub so you'll have to invite people, this is just if you want to play gekisen a little
You can play the real deal Gekisen online by clicking Here.