by Stad
Welcome to the mall of all malls, OMEGA MALL! In This game you can create an empire or just work for someone and help them create there empire. Its completely up to you!
i want to host this game please
How's the remake coming?
Not too bad, bits and pieces are coming together now that me and Jnice3000 are talking to each other again. Again, pop your eyes over here every once in awhile, I do host it publicly but please keep in mind that there will be bugs and I appreciate help in finding them. :)
I've joined the waiting list for OM2. Can't wait to check it out! Meanwhile, anyone still hosting the original? Its been down the last couple of days. :pouts:
Jnice3000, you disappoint me so with the crash of your server, just when I was having fun designing my mall >:O
Can someone please host the game? The hiatus is always so long. The first of it's kind, I will always look for it. There's no game on any platform like it. You should consider creating a game like this for android. =)
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