Dirge Of Chaos

by Teka123
Dirge Of Chaos
An action pvp game with a role to fulfill that you choose to dominate the game.
:: Added second server for those who want a pwipe ::

:: Developers ::
Teka123 Game Owner/World Designer.
Ace - Game Owner/Graphics Artist/Special boy
Mecha Cloud - Pixel Artist/Graphics Artist

Liam Howe - Web master/Programmer/Game Owner - Retired(?)
Jonaz - Pixel Artist - Retired(?)

:: Staff ::
Prox - Head of Staff.
Sushi - Master Game Moderator.
KyToshi - Master Game Moderator.
Komman123 - Master Game Moderator.
* To be updated.

:: Credits ::
  • King-manga-man & Berlin2222 - Permission to use SoC.
  • Tite Kubo - Creating Bleach!

Amen to Atriosv3 , you know how many i haters i get on my blog? Look at my banned list xD
Anyone know when the game will be back up? I mean no hurry i was just wondering XD
Removed all comments to start a new. If you have any bugs to report, let Ace know them (Don't post them here if they can be abused).

Ace is programming the old version (version 2.5) and is not the version shown in the screen shots. Just so everyone knows.

The version I am working on will be released when it's released. I don't have a deadline, it will just get done when it's done. The game will open with little to do, and eventually more will get added as time goes on. I would expect there to be 2-3 races, each with little amount of attacks, and not much to do training wise, then the game will be released, and will be updated with more stuff added as time goes by (What a repeat!!).
Right then, for some reason logging into the game while logged onto my key does not work. It just pops up the window, shows the IP. And then it promptly dissapears. No message about access-denied or anything.

The weird thing is, as a guest key. It works just fine.

Anyone got any ideas what might be wrong? Oh, and I've tried clearning my cache.
Found a solution. Find your cfg folder and rename it to cfg_old

Then restart byond (just right click and exit) and try again. It worked for me =D
one of the best games i ever see and enjoy to play :)
host a server with new dirge .
I can't join either and I renamed my cfg folder and reinstalled BYOND
I managed to fix the joining problem by joining the game manually with the IP.


Hopefully it will fix it for other people too.
i also can't log in anymore
Try clearing your cache.
i found success in running byond as administrator then opening the game this may work for vista and window 7 computers.
Nice game, Teka.
Teka can you please make a css for me thanks
I am the punisher of spammers, SZ killers, advertisers and rule breakers...


http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c193/King-manga-man/ IMG01101-20111223-0410.jpg
@TeenGogeta, its totally 100% possible that he/she can't, Just changing it could cause bugs.
Great staff and community, but cannot wait till update.
OMFG i love them Base icons you have on screan shot >:) Good Job Liam
Quincy Bug - As a Quincy, by spam clicking your Sword icon, you get Defense boosts until it says INF. Then your health matches the DEF when you're attacked.
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