Poll: How did DWM compare with DWM2?

DWM was clearly better 40% (2)
DWM2 was clearly better 0% (0)
DWM was slightly better 20% (1)
DWM2 was slightly better 0% (0)
I liked them both equally 20% (1)
I liked certain parts of DWM, and certain parts of DWM2 20% (1)

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I'm borrowing from both DWM and DWM2 certain concepts, and I'm just curious as to which one is generally preferred. I'm just looking at different aspects and wondering which ones should come from which games.

It's little stuff, really.
Gates vs. Keys
Watabou vs. Warabou
Dull or Bright colors
Manadatory Tournaments vs. Optional ones
I only played Joker, so I wouldn't know :P
Eventually, I'll probably make a poll for Joker itself, it really deserves its own poll as its so different.
first one was so much better in terms of bosses and storyline.
Gates vs. Keys:
Use Gates for storyline and keys for replay value.

Watabou vs. Warabou:
I already suggested letting players choose their alignment and thereby their wa-critter.

Dull or Bright colors:
Definitely don't go with Gameboy sprites.

Mandatory vs Optional Tournaments:
Mandatory for storyline and optional for replay value.

There's my few cents.