Naruto Supreme Shadows

by Gato547
Naruto Game All Kage Spot Open
Making Updates
I would like to apply for Enforcer/Co-owner. I can host && find bugs in the game. I can remove/add necessary changes.
Finally the best naruto game ever is back
#1: This game sucks REALLY bad.
#2: Don't advertise your game on somebody's post about THEIR game.
#3: Give up on life.
I'd like to know why this game was advertised on Zane444's thread? Please don't advertise poorly made games like this one on important threads. Thanks!
well..... if the Akatsuki is looking for members I'm up for it! :D
This is actually one of the best games ever on byond. I dont care who says it. I love the original game. so legacy gaming can suck me beautiful lol
+_+ I'll be your perm host, but you have to promise me a few things, 1 i am perm blood leader, 2 you must i repeat must keep things updated people loose interest fast when things aren't so, 3 I wanna be co-owner.
i will be ur perm host and i only ask 4 co
I am hosting a game right now if u guys wanna play u can i will be hosting as most as i can
hey im an old player of tis game an i wanna help icon some xD
hit my pager up :3
i host. page me and we'll talk about hosting NSS
Who else is looking to bring this game back up? If I can get at least 15 players to start with I'll host.
Guys I don't know if you know but i revived NSS. It's updated with the manga so its heavily updated. All the NSS stuff is still in, you will probably remember it ;D come join NSC.
for all the dedicated players who actually want to play NSS in its true form, play it is the NSS SOURCE, the legit on that Gato gave to Lalapuff! but updated, some new clans, new jutsu, lag fix, its a better version of what you have every played on NSS with just as much wait more fun! Give it a try, i bet you will remember the NSS memories.
If you like naruto games come to NarutoNextGeneration Rapid updating! Clay clan coming june first!!