by ACWraith
Abstract, competative dungeon-crawling.
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The goal of the game is to travel a certain distance through a tunnel of rooms created by opposing players. Players follow a simultaneous turn cycle with the following phases:
  1. Shop & Create Room:
    • Players will earn gold based on the number of rooms in their tunnel. Gold can be used to buy minions and loot.
    • Players will each create a room for an unknown opponent. The number of minions guarding the room will increase both the length of the room and the number of minions who can invade it. The length can be decreased by adding extra exits for the invading player to win.
  2. Enter Enemy Room: Rooms will be randomly distributed to opponents. Each player will then choose which minions to enter with.
  3. Guard & Invade: Players will battle in two rooms at the same time. They will be guarding the room they created and invading the room they entered. Each minion can be given a single piece of loot by its owner in order to modify its power. The combined powers of each side will determine the victor. Players who fail to invade will be sent all of the way back through their tunnel to a room with an unused exit.

Subscribers can choose their player class and get an @ symbol in the Standings.