Naruto Legend Of Shinobi Tacticss 2 EvO

by Rynio_Uzumaki
Naruto Legend Of Shinobi Tacticss 2 EvO
A realy fun game, come and play. Post in forum for application.
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1.dont advertise
2.dont spamm
3.dont ask for Gm or Kage
4.dont curse Gm or Kages or players.

Jounin Requirments
400k chakra and health
capped tai, gen and nin

Anbu Requirments
800k chakra and health
capped jounin tai nin gen

Anbu Cap requirement
1mil chakra and health
capped anbu tai nin and gen

Sannin Requirments
2.5mill charka and health
capped Anbu cap tai nin and gen

3mill chakra and health
capped sannin jounin anbu tai nin and gen
Or u beat kage in arena fight a gm has to watch

jounin or up and a Leader will pick u or win the kage turny.
hi nice game but training is to slow
i edited train
Ha do you guys still need a host?
Hector24 wrote:
Ha do you guys still need a host?

Yea... :(
Rynio_Uzumaki I was wondering if you would like to help me with my new dbz game it is almost completly original atm but i would like to bring in a team of experienced people to help out...please contact me with your answer!^_^

[email protected] <-----Email
i can host
Rynio i need your help to make a game please contact me at [email protected]
Yo as well could i get co-owner
i can host
I Open server , more i for 1 hoster