Alagaesia: Trails of Tomorrow

by Akiyo
Alagaesia: Trails of Tomorrow
A text-based game, based off of the books written by Chris Paolini.
This game is text-based, and will stay that way. It is meant for role playing. There is a stats system, but that is mainly a thing to keep you occupied if there is no role play going on at the moment. Stats play no interest in the RP itself. Nor do skills or spells learned from the combat system limit characters.
Man, congrat. I cant belive the game of the Eragon's book. Is very nice. I love the book (3).
I use to love this game. Mainly cause Byond Arena went away.
I haved 1 character 8/8.... Now I dont hava nothing...D:
All time favorite. Great game!
would like to host 24/7 but i need some admin verbs cause host dont get anything