Mystery Mansion

by Unknown Person
A mystery house of crime... in french!
This game was originally for a project I had last year (which was a french project), and was collecting dust. There is english text also beside the french text, so you don't neccessarily need to know french to understand what's going on. I'm putting a modified version on the hub for your enjoyment. Enjoy!

How to play:
The use of the WASD keys is suggested, because you will need to use your mouse.

WASD: Directional keys
G - Drop item

Clicking an item will pick it up. You can drop an item by pressing G or placing it on a place (like a desk) by clicking on the desk. To use an item on somebody or something, click on it while it's in use. (i.e. clicking yourself while you have a med-kit in your hand will heal you)

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