The Gauntlet

by Foomer
The Gauntlet
An epic puzzle/exploration game!
In concept, this is an epic non-combat Metroid/Zelda/Chip's Challenge combination puzzle/exploration game. You explore the world, careful to avoid the many monsters that inhabit it, while searching for items that will let you progress ever further and solving puzzles along the way.
runtime error: bad output
verb name: Save (/mob/verb/Save)
usr: Metamorphman (/mob)
src: Metamorphman (/mob)
call stack:
Metamorphman (/mob): Save()
the savepoint (/bar/savepoint): Bumped(Metamorphman (/mob))
Metamorphman (/mob): Bump(the savepoint (/bar/savepoint))

Happens right at the beginning when bumping into the floppy disk.
Dunno, doesn't happen to me and I just re-downloaded it.