Poké Earth [Kanto]

by Quiet Screams
Updated Dec 29th 2013
DEC 29 2013
I was gone for a while. My laptops hard drive had died so I lost all the files for PSA and the new PEK. Im starting over from scratch again but I have no icon files.

If you can help me out in any way, Pokemon HG SS over world icons, turf icons, anything at all feel free to contact me via the pager.


Welcome back! Poke Earth breathes once again. Quiet Screams is back and working on PEK. Whether youre an old fan or a newcomer, welcome!

The game will be the same style as before but with a new map, different quests and Pokemon. If you would like to help, contact QS via MSN Messenger ([email protected]). I'm looking for any help offered, from icons to coding. :)

Become a pokemon or a trainer or both (up to 3 accounts) Battle each other, Complete missions, have fun, earn money, theres alot to do in Poke Earth Kanto.

Here are screenshots of Alpha testing. Enjoy!
-Update 1 First stage of interface development (9|25|2011)

-Update 2 Skin, Alpha Testing the Pokedex, Displaying the Options. Showing "Achievement in Menu bar (9|28|2011)

-Update 3 Full Scale Pokedex Entry, Showing Achievement List(9|28|2011)
(Yes i listen to Madeon, love his remixes)

Rebuilding the entire battle system ground up. It will now include all statistics of a Pokemon and the actual Pokemon damage calculation which can be found here on Serebii.net

Current Progress
-The return of the "Goddard AI" System (90%)
-Battle System (20%)
---Damage (95%)
---Experience (20%)
---Weakness|Resistance (6%)
---Level Up|Evolution (6%)

-Pokemon (2%)
Awesome game, it should be in BYOND Anime!
I think this is the best pokemon game i had ever player!!!!
cool game out of 100/100 lol
Quiet, There are fans who want the game up.

We miss you. :o
it is a fantastice game make more and il come on

good game
A very nice and enjoyable game ........

So y is everyone waiting for??
I can host server if i can download it
The game is beign rebuilt as we speak :) Ground up overhaul.
Its on the way ;)
Really? Lol Well its being rebuilt, hopefully you like all the changes :)
I remember way back way , playing this game as a newbie and loving it as one of my childhood games :) checking up on it occasionally if it would ever come back , and now that it's developing back, i can't wait to play it :)
Thats awesome :D Add me on MSN and ill let you know when its being hosted for public testing.
Because it's one of the first play-as-the-Pokemon games from 2007? Lolk.
Rip? Lol I coded this game entirely by myself. And its getting a complete over haul with a little help from my friend Kumorii. Started with a blank .dm file. Far from a rip.
Haters gonna hate.
Dis game was guud.