Avatar: The Legend of Aang

by Jbozza
Avatar: The Legend of Aang
One of the only avatar games on byond and I'm coding it from the ground up with on icons to start with.
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Avatar : The Legend of Aang

Hi everyone
just started on the avatar game and hoping to be finished soon. Me and my friend, dboydevil, have got exams at the moment so we're not progresing as fast, but we finish on 22nd june and have the whole of the summer to speed up.

This game will be great when its finished, hopefully before we die.

Thanks for any support

Owners: Jbozza, Dboydevil
Co Owner: Jasonpb(maybe)
Coder: Jbozza
Iconist: Dboydevil
Mapper: Jasonpb

player rulez:
1) No AFK training.
2) No attacking/killing somone that is AFK.
3) No attacking/killing in safe zones.
4) No spam killing.
5) No spawn killing.
6) No multikeying you will be ban for 2-3 days, do it again you will be IP baned forever.
7) No using Avatar universeal nicknames, this means you cant call youself Aang etc or you will be banned then have to make a new player untill you stop using names from the cartoon.

Ranking Policy:

The staff of ATLA believes that people should rank games only if they love the game and think it deserves to be ranked, and as a result we do not offer rank bonuses. It is important to us that we obtain an honest, fair rank and that our work is gauged and evaluated with integrity; we are against the unfair ranking that rank boosts cause.

Because we do not offer ranking bonuses, it is obvious that our rank truly reflects the success and quality of our game, and it shows that we did not have to resort to bribing our players to get to where we are today. All the same, we hope our players will rank our game to support us, but only if they feel we deserve it and if they love our game; not because they were offered cheap in-game advantages.

We also encourage other games to take our stance to make rankings fair. If you support our (and BLNs) belief feel free to copy this message into your Hub.

NKIA would like to thank it's players for supporting us!
Thanks to BLN and NUR for using this piece of text, the Staff of ATLA agrees with this.

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Only people with byond 4.0 (version 409) can play. You can find the .exe file Here