FailedFate 0:Before The Chaos

by Dalze
FailedFate 0:Before The Chaos
An ORPG where you can: fight in a coliseum, farm, mine, fuse runes, be in a guild war, protect your village from a monster raid, or kill the evil humans trying to destroy planets!
How to play:

1.First click here to download the BYOND client.
2.Then, if a server is up click on Join (and then when it asks you where to save, click on Open), if not, click on download and run your own game (same, just click on Open).
3.If you do not already have a key, then just click on Forge/Retrieve Key. Sign up, and then you will be able to log into the game.
4.Then you will be able to create a character and you finally will be able to play. If you want to talk just press the "S" key on your keyboard and type your message and press enter.


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Ahh naaaaah I cannat plaaaayyyy naaah Chaaaaalieeeeee~

But seriously, I need to play me som'ma this. Untainted, I mean; don't want to resort to these tasteless new kids' remakes from the source code. Pluz. D:
idk how often this is looked at but ive been lookin for this game for quite some time. i am able to host but it wont let me download. any suggestions?
I can be able to host and download it
scratch that out, somebody's using my key
to play open the byond client click add type Dalze,FailedFate 0:Before The Chaos
then hit enter and go to the page my favs in the games tab then hit the Launch new game and it downloads it then you can play it
Will dedicated host with contact from people who intend to play.
I'm now hosting this 24/7 I will do character codes if I can.
Dazle I was wondering if i could have the source code for this game so i can start hosting 24/7 and make some updates to bring this game back :) pm me if you can please!
I was also wondering if i could have a source code so i can host the game 24/7.... i hate that fact its died i wana play this, its been years since, and i lost you on msn years ago.
if u want to host 24/7 pager me i got source lawl
In response to TheChaos_weeds
well I would love to host 24/7 I added you so gimme a pager sometime. I just got done with school and i got a pretty good programming background for Java and C++
In response to TheChaos_weeds
add me on pager bud then we can get in contact and stuff
In response to TheChaos_weeds
hey chaos weeds are you on anymore or what man?
I am now hosting this.
if i host and try to join through dream daemon it says person with same ip is allready on
how i load people codes
This game, much like all the "Origional" byond games is dead. Has been dead for quite awhile, but i decided to play once again just for old time's sake. So here i will leave this lonely reminder on one of byond's greatest games, that even tho all this time has passed, and you lie dead, you are not forgotten. Thank you for the memories.
I used to play this over a decade ago. I remember the good times I had on here and the people who played at the time. I want to thank you Dalze for providing me with such entertainment. I've always wondered what would have happened if your update saw light. I remember the day you came on and announced that you had lost three months of work. It saddens me to reflect on how you gave up on this game even though I understand where you were coming from. Thank you.

~ Locke
Miss playing with you original crews. Man those were good times.
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