by TheMonkeyDidIt
Isometric 'over the shoulder' display system. Includes simultaneous display of up to 5 z levels, roof removal, gravity, between turf walls and directional density.
This demo/system has DOES NOT use the BYOND isometric system introduced in version 455. This was written before that update.

Intended as a different way to display the DM map to a client, iso8 allows the player to view the terrain from 8 different angles, all displayed in isometric perspective. Up to five z map levels can be displayed simultaneously, allowing the player to view five stories of a building, see the side of a hill with a working passageway leading inside, etc.

Other features of iso8 include:

-Directional density and walls in between turfs.
These two allow the map builder to create a 4 by 4 room with dense walls using only 16 turfs (no outer boundary of one turf walls are needed).

-Roof removal and selective drawing of z levels.
Using areas, a mapper can select which z levels to
draw. This can aid in hiding content or allowing the player to view the inside of a house/building without the roof being drawn and obscuring the area.

-The ability to have movable atoms fall from one z level to the ones below it.
If no 'floor' is present in a turf, an atom will fall (Move()) to the one below it by default. Overriding this behavior a programmer can simulate climbing, levitation, power jumping, and flight.


This is very much a work in progress and I am releasing it as 'open-source' so that others will use and improve on it. Please, if you do add a feature, icons, or improvements, share them with the community so that we can all gain.

All icons are released to the community free of charge.
Amazing this is exactly the base ive been looking for

very old, but still very interesting.