by Never die alone
New Updates ! PokemonJR For young and old you can be a pokemon and become the strongest of them all or you can become a trainer and become the greatest hero of them all !
Join Now and play with fam or friends ! =)

Owner: Never die alone,
My lover: Jenniator *my beautifull princess and master*

Gm: Jokerta,
2 Billion,
Main Host: Jee5!
Other host:2 Billion
Special thanks to our older host's, DuelMasterKai! and Gaaras !

Female Trainer
4 New pokemons
Pokemon Trainings spot
Day and night!!!!
Snow and Rain!!!!!
New city
New gym !!
Pokemon Beach !!
Shunshine city ( Not Finished yet)
Marige verb
more bugs fixed
Better Day and night cycle
login music
And missions !

Special thanks to Jokerta for making the Banner and the picture

1, Don't Spam
2, Don't Block
3, Don't Ask for Gm powers
4, Don't curs
5, Have Fun !!

Did you ever wanted to be a pokemon or a trainer !? well this is your change Join now and become the greatest hero of them all.

Made for Jenni and only for jenni i love you jenn ^_^ you'll be in my heart for ever *kisses* mine ^_^
ok ima host this if good it ill stay up if bad down lmao
Lucy_uk wrote:
owner can i be a gym plz or co-owner plz

you noob, never ask for co-owner, and go in the game to ask to become a gym leader
So I herd u liek mudkipz? Well I liek medalz...
Uhm hi! I got banned for absolutely no reason right when I started. Haha, funny right? Well, all I did was ask "Is this game gay? Because a lot of Pokemon games on Byond are gay.". And some dude said "Ban time." and I was thinking "Wth?" and I got banned and haha thats the story >.>
Oh yeah, heres my review since I had to host my own server to play r.r http://www.byond.com/members/ MattimeoMan3000?command=add_post&hub=46840
I finished the first part of the attack demo(using riachu, it includes tackle,thundershock, thunderbolt and thunder. i have also created a new banner if you are interested.
Em..You know that the owner of this game left BYOND for a long time...don't you? o.o
i was speaking to the person who has the source and sits in the owner house seen as they own the source
I added a bit of snuggling roleplay with my captured pokemon, and I was banned, I think if your going to have a GM, or who ever it is who did so, at least list the reason behind why one was being banned
I honestly think that GM's should have atleast some brains to warn someone first, or put up a help file so we can read the rules, by the way, Snuggling ban? Honestly, if someone is that stupid they shouldn't be hosting a game.
WTF why im banned?!?!?!
(Charmander)-Deskdell: hi ...
(Blastoise)-Vaan365: bye!!!!
(Weedle)-Guest-2537572228: owner i would say lol
(Charmander)-Deskdell: where i can find a Herb
Welcome to Pokemon Santuary.
(Blastoise)-Vaan365: i know!
(Weedle)-Guest-2537572228: Bye
(Charmander)-Deskdell: ...
Banned by host:
Access denied.
I can't connect to the live server! T-T
Guess what I'm hosting them now~
GMs generally don't play. The host has no GM powers, but has host powers. If a host bans you, it's because you offended them, not necessarily broke ANY rules. The owner should update this game though, I really love it.
how or am i able to host this game to other players cause I'm getting bored being by myself.
If you liked the original game PED, come take a look at PUO which is a brand new and original Pokemon Game coming to Byond. Cart12 and Myself are working together with a few other well known Pokemon players to bring this game to byond (since Pokemon has been in the dark on byond for quite a while). Fan/Favorite the hub and try out the Demo which you can download on the hub!

http://www.byond.com/games/IMangekyouI/ PokemonUniverseOrigins