Raccoon City: The Cleanup

by Phantom_X
Raccoon City: The Cleanup
Zombies! Guns! Explosives! What the crap are you doing? Get in here!
IMPORTANT-- Please note that this game is compiled for BYOND version 341. If you run an older version you wil not be able to play the game. Never versions should work fine.

World Map (slightly outdated)

Racoon City is a unique game in that not only can you weild a massive variety of guns and melee weapons, complete a set of well designed challenges, and team up with other players to eliminate hoards of rampaging zombies, but you can also wreak general havoc on the completely destructible map with an assortment of explosive weapons, and who knows what sweet destructive devices you could find by blowing up the right walls!


4 Types of Shotguns!
3 Types of Rifles!
5 Types of Handguns!
1 Type of Light Machinegun!
3 Types of Submachinegun!
2 Types of Grenade Launcher!
A ton of C4 (Plastic Explosive)
And even a Tactical Nuclear Bomb!

No player of the Week

Game is in BETA phase

New in current version!: Version 32, added .38 reolver,and AA-12 automatic shotgun. Fixed a LOT of bugs.

Silent Sage
D4RK3 54B3R

Rated Teen, for medioker blood and gore, and violence
Good game :P needs to come online though