Dragonball Ethnism

by Lime31
Dragonball Ethnism
A dragonball based roleplay
Thanks to Kanak for the source
I can't host so hos't your own!

24/7 Host:Jacillen

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Note:The world Of Dragonball Ethnism is all based on RP. If anyone is caught non-rp killing will be banned.

You can be the main baddie,or be the world savior. So enjoy the world of Ethnism and roleplay as a god. If your name is not accepted you'll be booted. Your name cannot be anyone from the DB,DBZ or GT series. Also your name cannot consist of something like Gamemaster,seeing as thats not an rp name.

Something like Yuzio is an rp name.

So enjoy Dragonball Ethnism!

GREAT GAME 1000000000000/0