Dragonball: Rebirth Revised

by Jose SN.
Dragonball: Rebirth Revised
Dragonball Rebirth Revised is back online! Soon to be updated, this classic 2 year old game still has much to offer, check it out!

Dragonball: Rebirth Revised

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Jose SN - Jose SN.

Jose SN - Jose SN.

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Graphic Artists
Jose SN - Jose SN.

Lord Vegito




Reikoku Shukaku


Player Rules

1. No adult links in any way shape of form - boot then ip ban if repeated.
2. No spam of any sort (logining in spam , asking bout p-wipes constantly, whispering, killing and etc...) - boot then ban if repeated.
3. No advertising other games - ip ban.
4. No language that could be considered racist, sexist and etc... keep swearing to a minimum - mute then boot then ban if repeated.
5. No constant use of caps lock in chat channels - mute.
6. No disrespecting Administrators - mute if continued banned.
7. No abuse of bugs if you find one report it on the forum instantly - ban if your found abusing

Ppl are ripping this Game Idk How but I was wondering if U could give me it to since everybody else is using it Like Dbzda
'People are ripping this game' lol That's like saying it isn't a rip itself. Oh, and yet you want it to rip it as well. <.< When will the ripping stop?!? btw, Maru, are you owner of the game this time around? Cause I know Jose wouldn't come back to this shit... I think. Part of me wants it to die out... like for good. The other part... Well, just ignore that part.
Cant Wait for this game to be up again
I want this game back! This was the best dbz game i ever played god dammit.
Put it back up, i can offer help with it.
Any chance this game will ever be picked up again?If you need some help getting this game back up let me know I have some coding experience and would love to work with this game also, this game is easily one of the best games ever. Its time a well managed game came back to byond. Also the icer(freeza) icons are sick since the last wipe I played.
If this game ever came back my life would like be 24/7 dedicated to it lol
id totally host this game just to bring it back
Ditto on the hosting. I just want this game back online.
please bring this game back. im so nostalgic for it