Flesh and Drone

by ACWraith
Flesh and Drone
Create/control minions to destroy opposing daemons.
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This is a strategy boardgame for 2 to 4 players. Players are daemons who are out to destroy each other. However, they must use drones because they can't harm each other directly.

The game occurs in the following phases:
  1. Bid: Daemons will simultaneously earn blood. They will then be able to spend portions of it in bids to modify up to 6 different types of drones.
  2. Modify: Daemons may simultaneously redistribute the strengths and weaknesses of the drone types they won.
  3. Battle: Daemons will take turns. Those with the least remaining blood will go first. Blood can be spent to move the daemon, summon drones, move drones, make drones attack, or cast spells. Drones which are a single space away from an opposing daemon can be sacrificed to remove blood from that daemon. If a daemon ever has less than zero blood, then it is destroyed.

Subscriptions allow daemons to select their spells. Otherwise, all daemons are given the same randomly chosen spells.
Your games are excellent. And weird. Like, really weird.
Deathguard wrote:
Your games are excellent. And weird. Like, really weird.