Hamtaro II

by Mashed_The_Hamster
Hamtaro II
Updated 6-29-05. Roleplaying and chatting mostly. Theres fighting and stuff. HAVE FUN!! Anime, Hamtaro, Hamutaro, Ham Tori
v. 36 umm.. reorganized the verbs cuz they were hard to find and did some more work on stuff so yeah ^^


or die :O XD

Um.... lesse..

HOST HAS GM! Now.. and... I REALLY REALLY NEED a NEW battle system.. so if you can code one.. PLEASE TELL ME! Theres lots of icons in store for you if you do.

v. 34 Added gm hideout and some new verbs.. fixed the saving thing up a bit ^_^ added passworded doors. Dont abuse them please.

I also need a new saving system.
i made a topic about it in the byond forums under code problems called 'saving'
so u can see what i want.
V. 26 - took save things out cuz it tooked too long to load >.>

V. 25 - I added a TON of stuff. New Saving system. New TITLE screen that is ultima 1337. Lots of cool new little things ^_^ perm banning >=D 997 KB

One last bug update :P
*cough* and i added a shizload of verbs.

*COUGH* i added saving cuz everyone was like "WEEEEEE I NEED SAVING NOOOOOOOOOW"
also i added "SKIP STORY" do u dun gotta go through the story.

2/14/04 - added some new turfs and objs for sp00ny <3
If you still wanna continue this project I'll be happy to help, loved Hamtaro since i was like... 8 xD
^ Holy pants.. i didnt even see that.

I do have the files and everything still.. This game is almost 10 years old

WOW this game was cool. I MISS IT
If you still have the files can you reupload them? The download seems to be corrupted
Hi Aero. Surprised people are still interested.

I do have the files somewhere..

add me on skype or fb and bug me about it xD


cant believe I forgot all about this game...

one of my childhood favorites (I still remember the annoying midi that played when you joined) ;)
Holy crap! 2 days ago. xD

I might put it up again someday :3
Actually, i just fixed it. Have fun ladies! :P
Hey! I don't know if the creator is still out there, but I was wondering if we could get a working version of this? When I try to install this in BYOND, it tries to launch, but then it goes back to as if I never installed it. Thank you! :)
i used to play this when i was a kid and i can't believe it still exists, i thought i just imagined it. anyway, does anyone know if this game still works ? i remember you were able to play it online with other people and i dunno if that's still possible or what