World of Dreamers

by Spade489
World of Dreamers
Sleeping just isnt the same when your dreams are haunted by a war between heaven and hell! Be a demon, an angel, or a human and fight for the survival of your race!
I need a host who can host at least 18 hours a day. If you would like to host, or know someone that can, contact me at Spade489 (AIM) or [email protected] (MSN).
Spade489 (Spade489) = Owner (Programmer and Mapper)
Jesus (Kal-gore) = Pixel Artist
FatalMortality (FatalMortality0) = Host
Emanyueru (Asdsa) = Moderator

-The original hub page can be found here. This is not a rip and I have full permission to be using it. The original game was pre-alpha stage. I DID NOT simply edit the source.