Snow War

by Asielen
Snow War
A snow ball fight simulation.
Updated after 2 years!

SnowWar is a small snowball fight game created for Lummox Jr's contest in 2008. (Which no prize was given...)

-This is a multi-player game either every man for themselves or you can make teams.
-Each player has 3 lives, once you die you can make another player and play again as many times as you want.
-The purpose of the game is to get the highest score you can with your three lives. After three lives are up, then you can try all over again.

Now has live scores so you can compare yourself to your friends.
And, now you can set up game parameters and host tournaments!

For more information check out the help file at:
Information (pdf file)
The game is fun! Nice job. I would personally suggest adding NPCs option for admins.