Heroes: Rebirth

by Lendgens
Heroes: Rebirth
Will you be saved? Or become the one who's saving?
*Note for players: As of 7/15/2012, I am re-making Heroes from the ground up. If you would like to know more, please feel free to message me.

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Welcome to the world of Heroes, a fun-almost filled MMORPG! Fight blobs to Mummy's in this huge world, and it's only version 10.0A! This game is based on the Ragnarok Job/Leveling system so you can get all kinds of different jobs and learn all new skills! There are also many things you can do to customize your player, from hair to clothing.Make guilds, join parties, find out all the hidden weapons/items in the game and make friends! You can even change your HUD skin and text/font color by going to the Options in Social! There are also neat features that shows what connection type the host has, how many players there are in the world, and updates daily.

*Note: Before asking Q's, read the Help in the Social tab first!

Please rank us :)


Lendgens: Mapping/Iconing/Coding

Salse: Tester/GM/Good friend :P who gave ideas

Tacomaster: Tester/Good friend who reminded me to add stuff

Calus CoRPS: GM/Very good friend

GemStar: Tester

*Looking for a coder, doesn't have to be great at coding, just moderate.

Classes so far in game (as a line from smallest to largest)

Tree 1

Novice(If you advance, you are stuck as this until you complete it. No resetting class.) - Adept Novice - Super Novice - Oldie

Stalker - Assassin - Silent Assassin - Hit-Man - Undertaker - Reborn

Swordsmen/Girl - Knight - Crusader - Guardian - General - Knight of Heroes - Reborn

Priest - Monk - Holy Monk - God's Child - God's Apprentice - Reborn

Fighter - Boxer - Legendary Boxer - Champion - World's Greatest - Reborn

Ranger - Archer - Marksman - Reborn

Mage - Dark/Light mage (choose path) - Sorceress - Wizard - King of Magic - Reborn

Screenshots from v11.4A:

2006-2007 LightBox Games.
Great start although some of the turfs are an eyesore, the water mainly, would like to see more and maybe an official server.

Must say that i really enjoy the ability to see armor and weapons. Most games do not do this and it's a great change of pace.
I'm thinking of bringing it back heavily updated. Not sure yet.
Well think harder, cause that is a good idea. :p