Inuyasha's Revenge 3

by Torla2217
Inuyasha's Revenge 3
Updates slowing down. Each update now includes many items. I am still looking for an Iconer and Coder. Come check it out :D
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If you wish to apply for a job, please post in the forums saying why you would like it, how you are good for the job, what job(Pick from below) and other games you worked for with this job, thank you.

Owner: Torla2217(Vetiro)

(All staff has been let go. Looking for a completely new team.)

GPX Designer: Needed(Banners, login screens, webdesigns)
Main coder: Needed, must be advanced
Sub-Coder: Needed, for backup codes(Mostly bug fixes)
Main Iconer: Needed, must be advanced and able to draw base icons.
Iconer: Needed, must be able to draw high quality objects.
Turf Artist: Must be able to draw muiltitiled icons(Houses, mountains, etc)
Sub Iconer: Needed..

A big thanks to Killer22(Dustin) for the codes he has submitted to the game.

Version 1,
-Added small map
-Talk, emote, wsay, whisper, and play music verbs.
-Three maps not yet connected tell we get a coder.
-Chewyy started my map off for me and showed me how to map, Thank you!

Version 1.5
-Fixed about 3 bugs
-Added Maze
-Naru_5 made Banner and Avater

Version 2
-Broke battle system, must start over
-bugged bad guys, they now wont die...
-Bugged alot more things, and alot more work for me :(

Version 2.5
-Fixed the Jewel bug, they are now pickupable
-Added the entrence to the cave.
-Tried fixing the verb Reboot, everyone was getting it, and everyone STILL got it... Failled :(

Version 3
-Added a great battle system
-Jewel shards do something!
-Fixed some bugs.

Version 3.5
-Added AFK sign
-Increased the experiance from the second shard
-Bugged gm again :(

Version 4
-Hired Killer
-Fixed GM
-added 3 new maps(Battle arena, bigger maze, and race course)
-Fixed a few more bugs

Version 4.5
-Added fishing
-Monsters now move and attack
-Fixed a couple bugs
-Screwed around with lvling, and req.

Version 5
-Added fishing
-Added shopkeeper with buy and sell
-Added houses for players(Costs of 20k or so)
-Extensions on the GM House :)

Version 5.5
-Totally changed battle sytem, much harder to become strong, added stat points with it
-Added Sessomaru
-Fixed some bugs

Version 6
-Changed battle system, Easier for some, harder for some :P
-Jewel shards dont lvl you, they boost you
-Added a colored robe, blue, for wearing, though its kinda bugged and only way to wear it is if I give it to you >_>...

Version 7
-getting lazy to update hub, prob will skip a few versions, hubs long enough now :P
-Gotton Windscar working, blades of blood, and quests.
-Got a title screen, thanks to Royjg1
-Fixed one or two bugs...Still to many to count :(

Version 9
-Never wrote whats in version 8
-Added town, black and green robe, robes add def, exit to town, etc :P.

No bug abusing
Only ask for GM if you know how to code/cion/map/GFX Deigner/etc fairly good. So don't apply for moderator, I choose them.
No spamming or cussing, or any obvious things like that.
NO AFK TRAINING/MINING/FISHING! It's easy enough now. First time is a boot, then ban. WATCH IT!

GM RULES(Admins must follow these rules or they will be stripped)
-No banning people without a good reason
-No stealing icons or anything from the game
-No letting friends off with rules, or have special benifits
-Your not allowed to create super enemys. Or do anything stupid >_>...

-Open Testing-Alpha-

Hey Vetiro, It's Tyler from msn. I see that Inuyasha hasn't been on for quite a while, hit me up on the new updates, etc. Take it easy.

Lets see if the game gets better with update well it was awesome but i ouldent save my character it quept deleting it but im positive this time it will be the #1 Game
I dunno if you remember me Vetiro, but I'd like to play again.
i can host
see u got someone who wanna host XD put it up!! :D
Is this game dead?
I think so, I wish it wasn't though because it was really good.
it really was good >:)...i wish it was back
Can anyone here icon or code? We should create another one that's just as good.

If you can add me on your pager, Estset.
I hope they put this game back up i like it
i can host if you need a hoster
We should make our own.
I wouldn't mind developing an InuYasha game.
if u need a 24.7 Hoster Pm me... Byond getting boring and i await this game!
This game pretty good , it would be awesome if it was back
I recently found the game on my USB drive, as I am currently learning Javascript and plan on making a serious game with Unity, I think if I put this back up and spent some time at it on my free time, it would be good.

I am looking for a perm 24/7 host.
XD sweet