by Nickr5
A real time strategy/action naval combat game for two to seven players.

Won 3rd place in the Action Guild's 2008 Game in a Week contest!
"A Real-time strategy and Action mix, Navy puts you in control of a small armada of several ship classes. Another seemingly incomplete game with great potential. Each ship has its own strengths and weaknesses (Battleship for power and armor, Helicopter for speed, Sub for stealth, and Carrier for mobility)... The interface was simple but functional, both 4.0's new interface and the screen-based HUD. Another game I hope to play further once a little more is added!" - BYOND Action Guild GIAW Review (Summer, 2008)




Aircraft Carrier

Version history:

Version format: Major.Release.Build

  • Version 0.1.0 (Beta)/Hub version 0
  • Original version, created for & submitted to Action Guild's GIAW

    Version 0.2.0 (Beta)/Hub version 2
  • Players given random starting color
  • Info messages for sub & helicopter (thanks to LummoxJR.DmiFontsPlus)
  • Improved water icon
  • Refueling helicopters no longer affected by antiair
  • Helicopters given more gas
  • Smaller map
  • Should have fixed a small bug with the HUD

    Version 0.3.0 (Beta)/Hub version 3
  • Surfaced subs are now damaged by battleships' cannons
  • Meters now disappear for units that are sinking (or crashing)
  • Info messages now wait for an X button to be clicked before disappearing
  • Added yellow, orange, and purple teams
  • Map changes
  • Icon generation now uses Blend() instead of SetIntensity()
  • The default BYOND icon in the title bar has been replaced
  • Some other minor skin updates
  • The game will now start automatically if the maximum number of players is reached
  • The game will now automatically restart if the players have left the game
  • A Players tab now lists everyone connected to the game

    Version 0.4.0 (Beta)/Hub version 7
  • Gave submarines and helicopters more fuel
  • Fixed a bug where helicopters would lose their icon after taking off from a carrier
  • Fixed another error when antiair hit a helicopter that wasn't being controlled by anyone
  • Fixed a bug where units could become unmovable
  • Fixed a runtime error when the game finished
  • Gave helicopters more health
  • Added a help file (Info tab > Help)
  • Fixed a helicopter refueling glitch
  • Changed amounts of money awarded for killing units
  • Fixed a runtime error when the game finished
  • Fixed a bug where everyone would get administrator powers
  • Resources are no longer preloaded
  • Fixed a depth charge bug
  • Players without middle mouse buttons may now shift+click instead.

    Version 0.4.2 (Beta)/Hub version 8
  • Fixed a bug where "BYOND security certificate failed." appeared and kicked out all players upon rebooting.
  • Optimized refreshing of HUD meters
  • Fixed a bug that prevented battleships from being bought
  • New water & sand icons thanks to Xooxer:
  • Gave Aircraft Carriers anti-air capabilites

    Version 0.4.3 (Beta)/Hub version 9
  • The game can now be played without the host being online, if all active players click the 'Ready' button.
  • Errors will no longer occur when the BYOND website is down
  • Some small map changes
  • Torpedoes will now explode when they hit land
  • Cannonballs will now fly over docks as they're supposed to, and torpedoes will go under them
  • Fixed a bug that occured when meters were toggled off and then back on
  • Fixed some runtime errors that occurred when you attacked a unit who's owner had logged out
  • A unit can no longer shoot itself by accident (though you can still damage other units on your team, so be careful!)