Pokemon Highlight

by RareScar
Pokemon Highlight
Play the original Pokemon Highlight story!!

Official release date: November 21, 2007
Official Server canceled on: 6/12/10
The one and only original Pokémon game on BYOND with a story-line.
Version: 8 Polished
Status: Open for hosting

If you want to check out Pokemon Highlight Pokemon Highlight walkthroughs go to the following link: http://www.freewebs.com/somfrakexzsite/ph%20walkthroughs.txt

RareScar does not claim ownership of any of the items used to create this game.

Pokemon items are property of Nintendo of America Inc., GameFreak Inc., Creatures Inc., and the Pokemon Company 1995~2012.

Most of the music is Copyright of Nintendo of America Inc.LTD. All content use to create this game is property of their respective owners, just to be clear.


1st comment WOOT game is awesome btw
Main server came back to stay! xD
I hope we don't have any problems now.
Great game, man!

I love this game it rocks. I give it a 100/100 The gms rock
I've noticed someone have been busy bringing a server of this game up. Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to make this game publicly listed until next month. Please understand this game doesn't updates anymore as the programming files have all been corrupted. I will, however, bring the game to public listing next month for further hosting. Thanks.