What is the best Graphic Designing system?
MS Paint ftw.
Magicbeast20 wrote:
MS Paint ftw.

lawl... Paint and PS.
Well, I'd say the most feature-rich/powerful 2D image editing software is Photoshop... There's a reason that it's the one you hear so much about, and why you'll find tutorials and articles everywhere about using it...

But, that level of ability comes at a price, (both monetary and otherwise) The program itself is more expensive than it probably should be, and it's also fairly complicated to use (at least to master)

Personally, I like the Paint Shop Pro series the best (I currently use 7) as they're much more moderately priced, and while they definitely don't offer the same level of ability that PS offers, they still have almost any tool you need (and can approximate much of the functionality that they lack)
If you want something free, get or GIMP.
Howey wrote:
Magicbeast20 wrote:
MS Paint ftw.

lawl... Paint and PS.

Whats the point of lawl?

Anyone that says paint for graphic design needs to be shot.

Adobe, Corel, and Quark are the top three in the graphic design software field. And generally there's about 3 different programs that you will probably need. Typically a word processor (which you should already have), a desktop publishing program (there's a bunch to find), Graphics Software (editing such as photoshop/gimp, drawing such as adobe illustrator or corel draw).

Adobe stuff is probably the best you can get, but unless you're intend to do heavy duty professional stuff there isn't any need to get it. GIMP is a decent enough open-source image editor, and Inkscape is a good open-souce vector editor (It's like Adobe Illustrator).

So generally here's what you're looking at.
Desktop Publishing:
QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign are the best you can get. I do not know of any open source Destop publishers.
Image Editors:
Photoshop, GIMP, Paintshop Prop, Corel Paint
Image Drawing:
Photoshop Illustrator, Corel Draw, Inkscape

MS Paint, or any pixel-editor you want to stay away from for Graphic Design. Best online graphics editor
Photoshop .
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