ID:6277 is finally back online and she's kicking with a new layout, compatible with IE and Firefox! The Competitions section is being worked on as we speak, as are the hosting packages.

Something interesting for you BYONDers, I managed to catch up with Tom (One of the BYOND founders) and he agreed to an interview for BYONDcel's section, BYONDview! You can check it out here!

Stay tuned for more updates.
Nice! Killer layout, too.
Wow, that looks byond awesome!

BYOND awesome- geddit?
I see what you did there, Elation!
You should interview me next because I am the most loved BYONDer ever.
=( Xeal is nasty to people and pretends to be cute- he is like an fib gibbley who has drank alcohol to an extreme level of saturation.