Digimon Vs

by Esperwolf
This Game is to be a cross over between digimon and pokemon. There will be tamers, trainers and gyms. The world will be vast for hours of game play. There will be hundreds of digimon or pokemon to tame/train.

The Gyms and Elites Will be open for the taking once a few test runs are over and the game is officailly put up.

Owner: Esperwolf
Iconer: Esperwolf
Host: Anyone who wants to
GMs: non until game is up and runnin
Admin: Esperwolf
Helpers: want to paticipate plz e-mail me at [email protected]

1. No Foul language this game was meant for everyone. (Warning, mute, ban)
2. No harassing each other or the gms/admin (imedate ban)
3. No Sexual or offending external links.(ban)
4. Religion talk is ok just don't let it get out of hand. (OOC mute)
5. No mass killing players(deleted character)
6. You may mention or ask for someone to host a game but do not nag(mute, ban)
7. No spamming (mute, ban)

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse and can result in a ban until u read them.
are you making it turn-based?
I'm hoping to. I'm also thinking of adding a feature where u can play as a digimon/pokemon yourself too.