Slacker RPG

by SpikeNeedle
Slacker RPG
Slacker RPG version 3 will be fully BYOND 4.0 compatible. Please look for it soon.
Have you joined YOUR local Slacker RPG yet? Yes, SpikeNeedle's Slacker RPG! Fresh meat from freshly killed monsters. Want some nuts? Well, you don't have to want them any more, we have the latest drug seeds that give you boosts! We have traveling merchants from across the land looking to sucker from people into buying their expensive wares! Yes, you heard it, Slacker RPG! Come join your local Slacker RPG now!

Copyright 2005-2006, SpikeNeedle Bilaws. If you steal any Slacker RPG content, you will be viciously *beep* with a *beep* until the handle falls off. Please note that extended use of Slacker RPG will result in laziness, lack of sleep, extreme hunger and thirst, and may result in your eyes drying out from the long periods of time you are staring at the screen to see your character level up.

Slacker RPG 3.0

3.0 is fully 4.0 compatible, as you see in this here screenshot. Look for it soon!