Pokemon Race Against Time

by Haseo00jr
Pokemon Race Against Time
The best, most simple Pokemon game on BYOND that uses a real time battling system, and is soon to have actual attacks!
Haha the hosting is all janked up, game needs a reboot. I'm going to sleep, Zet would you mind holding co leader tourny one more day?
i will see how everything goes
Damn this i cant join the game !!!!!
I told you that you shouldn't play this crap.
game is offline
i still can not play it it says its online and also its showing more and more people are joining
anyone know when or if the game will come back? coz im realy missing it :/
It has only been a day..
In response to Domo_Lover
yeah i know. But its a great game. Best pokemon game on byond. the others suck
Wouldn't say it's the best Pokemon game on BYOND; that's completely unfair to the ones that aren't done in this style lol.

It is the best of it's type though. No over-complex systems, just relaxing fun.
well yeah, But all the others have somthing that ruins the game. like on some its impossible to lv up pokemon more the 1 or 2 a day, and others where there is absolutly nothin to do. in this, there r tourneys, places to catch diff pokes, and some are rarer than others, and u can play against ur friends, its more adictive But its more fun than any of the others.
Prolly looking at the wrong games lol. Any game based off PRAT is categorized as "this style", POW and PWO are two of the ones people go on and on about, but I'd rather pick up a DS if I wanted to play a game like that.

There's some games, too, that are gone for the moment due to a large update, and are normally pretty fun. More of an action/active system than a relaxing one like the PRAT styled ones.
well there r a ton of pokemon games on byind and alot of them are faild rip offs from the ds games and games like this. at least with this, there is alot of interaction between players and just allwell fun and laid back, the only other half deacent pokemon game on byond is pokemon origins, which is good, But u get hardly any money and its incredibly hard to lv up ur pokes. and that is y i like this game.
well can some one tell me y i cant play it its been 6 months and still cant play
Hey guys its Yoshi now i know you guys are wonderig where the heck am i ... Well i got recruited to a school i didnt exspect to go to. The day i told mick i was going to be gone all day was the day i was going to check out the school turns out the next day i got accepted and i had. No time to get on all i did was packing... But anyways its long story ill see you guys soon take care and also superboy im sorry for the short notice but anyways bye mira frost mick z and superboy goodluck with the game im sorr once again :/
my god, one min this game is up then its down, if it goes like this much more its gunna turn into a yo-yo
well i still cant play this game and no one is telling me how to fix this prob and its really one of the best games i have played plz help me
Same. Whenever it's on, i get "Connection Died"
Wawa3294: you cant fix it, u just have to check regularly to see if its up, and if it says connection died, that means there is either a problem, or stuff is going on in the game which means you cant get into it.
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