Dragonball Inner Depths

by Lord_Darox
Dragonball Inner Depths
Not gonna lie ... just another rip.. Working on making this game better w/ more features...

Owner:Master Darox

Master Enforcer:King Dakkon, Open(host)

High Enforcer:Nighteyes (1)

Medium Enforcer:Open (3)

Low Enforcer:Open (2)

Host gets master enforcer rank. To inquire about host please Email me @ [email protected]

Host must have availability of 20-24 hours a day. 24 hour host will be first in line on future games to have hosting files and Master Enforcer status.

To inquire about a Enforcer position please ask Master Darox in game to take a GM test.

Guild house's will become available in due time to a guild that sticks around the server long enough, rises to power and gathers a big following.

Namekkian Race Leader:
Saiyan Race Leader:
Half-Saiyan Leader:
Majin Leader:
Human Leader:
Changeling Leader:
Android Leader:
Tuffle Leader:

Admin of the month: Nighteyes

Ranking will lead to a 1000000 pl boost
Voting will lead to a 1000000 pl boost