Byond Party

by Chibi-Gohan0
Byond Party
Sorry the Game isnt up for download ATM, i currently have no membship...
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Byond Party, inspired (but not related to in any way) by Mario Party Games. Made for the Byond Contest: BYOBG! DreamMakers?command=view_post&post=41489
This game will represent the byond experience, in a Mario Party type of game.

° 3 Players (AI used if not enough players)
° Board Game with Various Minigames from the Byond Genres* without actually using any material from that show/title/etc.
° Anime1: Naruto(Ninja), Bleach(Samurai in black robes)
° Anime2: DBZ(martial artist)
° Action: FPS(Zombie Bashing)
° Strategy: Strategy Bomb Game
° Custom Skin used to give the game a good feel.
° And more!

* Only put in those 4 for first version (the contest version) RPG, Casual, and Anime(One piece: (Pirate)) will be in a future version.


°Charlesg154 - Sky turf, Mr. Roboto, Npc icons, Dice, Minigame ideas.
°Shukuto Ashida - Grass/Water.
°Mastergamekiller - Byond Logo'd Coins, Cracker, and Forest Tree.