Starship Troopers

by Laredef
Starship Troopers
Fight the bugs off, and save the human race! Join the Federation! Become a SST soldier.
The bugs are developing and fighting against the humans. The Federation is trying to fend them off and kill their species to save the human race. The brain bug was sighted on Planet P and the research team is trying to figure out how to beat the bugs before they defeat us. The federation needs you so, Join the mobile infantry and "DO YOUR PART"!

Coded By: Chuck117
Hosted and Assisted by: Laredef

Current Version: 1.3 Beta-"Ranking Up in the World"

Characters: Ace Levy, Carl Jenkins, Dizzy Flores, Carmen Ibanez, Sugar Watkins, RoughNeck, Combat Medic

Bugs: Warrior Bug, Hopper Bug, Plasma bug, Beetle, Exploding Beetle.

Bosses: Tanker Bug, Burrower Bug, Brain Bug

Maps: Big-K, Federation HQ, Last Stand Outpost21, Outpost Roku San, Planet OM-1, The Ship, Training Grounds, Lake Point, Crash Site, Maze and many more to come!

Special thanks to Darker Emerald for releasing his old source as the base for this game.

-Starship Troopers Team
Best shooting game on byond EVER
A new bug is detected
when will a live game start im ready to crush the bugs jsut give me a morita grenades and mabye a rocket lancher
Its currently up and being hosted on a shell!
can you come and make a server
When will it be up? Looks like a great game if its based on REO.

Also you should post pictures, and possibly make it downloadable.
It is up and running currently, expect a lot of Major updates in the next few weeks!
Thats great! Going to check it out now
Ok game plays great. Stamina is annoying though, is there a way to spare by just walking?

Only thing this game really needs is a bigger player base, haven't seen anyone else playing besides me. Also the bugs seems a bit weird, perhaps in the future some better looking bugs could be used? And perhaps at browser help page there could be a bit about the enemies and what each one does.

Edit: Actually I looked but this game doesn't show up under actions or fangame when searching, this should probably be fixed as people can't really find this game otherwise.
If I get host files for it, I can host this just about 24/7.
We are currently updating the game again and hosting it on a 24/7 Dedicated Server!
New update just released:
  • The Morita Rocket Launcher ammo stash was increased to 3 up from 2. It probably still doesn't net as many kills as other special weapons but has amazing utility on the battlefield. Nuke em' Rico!
  • The 2K9 heavy handgun is purchasable from the shop for 2009 dollars. (this is a reference to the SST:New Years 2009 Event) Some of you may remember this as the 2009 New-Years Pistol.
  • Specials(grenades, mines, etc...) are no longer usable while in the start room.
  • NPCs now properly fire Morita Rifles. NPCs have gone mute for the time being until we find some SST dialog.
  • Frost grenades no longer share the same sound as the nuke (Rocket Launcher).
  • Some lines of text that come up from dying have been modified to be more realistic or make more sense.
  • Warrior bugs now have a low chance to sprint(move two steps for only 1.25x the time this is effectively + 60% speed), this sprint chance goes up if they are wounded.
  • Because of the recent game mechanics added to warriror bugs (big buff) to make them more interesting, their base damage has been reduced by 25%. This may be tweaked further.
  • Bug damage is no longer rounded to a whole number, to be more fair to some bugs' damage mechanics.
  • Lost blood no longer magically comes back from an adhesive bandage.
  • Because you can no loger get lost blood back from bandages, the % blood loss overlay changes do a very dark red (to simulate blood clotting) when you are no longer bleeding.
  • Submitting a suggestion now comes with a sound.
  • Laredef created a newer start map.
  • Laredef fixed some blockade and NPC issues on Outpost 21.
  • I'm looking into updating some of the icons and animations. Especially the models of guns when held in a player's hands.
  • You now have to spend one "walk cycle"(a single push of an arrow key) turning your character if you want to move in a direction you are not already facing.
  • You can now shoot your attachment and shoot your vehicle weapon while you are reloading your primary weapon.
  • Marauder "ramming damage" has been greatly reduced. You can still pump out a lot of damage by ramming, you just don't one-shot things anymore.
  • Warrior bug tossing has been brought back from the code graveyard. Yes it is OP and yes it is probably very buggy, report any you find. I like this game mechanic so let's work out any kinks.
  • All audio files are in the process of being converted to ogg format. This will make filesizes smaller and allow the game to become more platform independent.

    I am also working on getting a BYOND Membership so I can promote the game and actually be listed on the Game Feed.

    Laredef & Chuck117
Yay a24/7 server!! Hell Yeah Kill em all!!