by Hazman
A Chat Room With A Twist - Your own 30x30 plot of land, unique dynamic theming, what more could you want?
Answers to Hazman via pager, si vous plais :-).

If you can't play the game, try updating to the latest and greatest version of BYOND, 344.887 (Public Beta 2).

Legacy! Hosted! Any time! Any person! Play it now!

It is now possible to upload themes - the best will be judged every week (unless I only get one - I need a minimum of 5 before I judge) and the best will become part of the game! So log on, print off a copy of the guidelines and make a theme!

"The idea of Legacy is that it provides a place for people to meet. Everyone gets their own plot of land, onto which they can place various beacons which transform into walls, doors, furniture. Currency is in the form of points, which you get one of every 30 seconds.
Once fully operational, Legacy users will be able to 'theme' their land and give it the look of a particular game or envinronment. For example, you might want a MLAAS place, or *cringe* DBZ. Of course, I have to get in touch with the makers of games that I want to include, but hopefully they'll be happy to allow me to use their stuff :-).
The themes will also cost points, but if you have no money you can use one of the themes I already have - eventually SciFi, Medieval and maybe underwater."