Naruto: Afterlife

by Rosse13
Soon to be the best naruto game on byond, we pride ourselfs on this game being anti-cyberbully, it is one of its main rules
Rosse let me host the game i will be online everyday and i will get more people online please give me a chance to be host or admin for this game i've know everything about this game in naruto rogue i been play it since 2010 to 2012
lmao ^ le fail
Afterlife is back up and running, everyone come and have fun ^.^
Its nice game but now its too laggy, i realy enjoyng plaing it, and if u need host 24/7 mail me. [email protected]
can i be a adaim plz
xD i go away for awhile come bak n everything n body is gone again wth......godda find host n stuff all over again
I am the Red Mage, pimpin' a feather in my hat.
In need of a Host to continue this source.. Page my BYOND Key or E-Mail me at [email protected]
THE BATMAN!? I remember you
Naruto Afterlife is up and running with 24/7 server, active staff and updates being added.
Anybody want this back up?
Hiya. I'm hosting this until someone tells me to stop, so if anyone wants to play, it'll be up. Need staff.
just like with rogue, if anyone wants the source to this, I'll sell it.