by Taitz
Become a leader of your own faction and develop it or join an existing one. Claim land as your own and make allies. Most importantly, wage war and have fun!
Evol: Clan War
A simple variation of Evol, a project I have worked on for a bit. It is an open world, where all the land is pseudo-randomly generated and can be interacted with by using various skills or tools.

Clans: You can form your own clan or simply join one. Clan founders can control the path, the clan takes on in general, which abilities will be improved etc.

Alliances: Alliances are the groups formed from clans, it is like a nation. Clans can benefit from this by increasing their potential combat forces in the race for supremacy.

Territory: Clans can claim unclaimed land as their own and fight other clans for their territory.

Progression: A character's and their clan's progress is closely tied together. The individual character's activity and efforts improve the clan as a whole in terms of giving them more potential for growth. And the clan's improvement gives the character more powerful abilities to work with, in short they are complementary to each other.

Evol: Clan Wars Updates

Become a BYOND member to gain extra points to spend on stats, traits and abilities.

  • Enabled anyone to create a clan, for the time being.
  • Added "Clan Record" which can be used to display the clan influnce and land they have.

  • Added "General" option to the menu.
  • Added "Who" command to the "General" menu.
  • Moved "Console" from "My Character" menu to "General".
  • Added a materialization command to normal vigor.
  • Enabled world map for moderators.
  • Added a couple of new hair styles.

  • Added a red indicator, which will always show where your released vigor is, even if it is invisible to the naked eye.
  • Vigor control language displays the vigor id aswell in case of an error.

  • Changed experience formula.
  • Made turf icon generation more efficent.
  • Leveling up now also improves your stats, at level 100 you will have twice the stats that you had at level 1. They grow in a linear fashion.
  • Grass only regrows in forest and plains biomes.

  • Made the Vigor Control Language more stable.

  • Added the rehauled water affinity.
  • Added the rehauled fire affinity.
  • Added the rehauled wind affinity.
  • Added the rehauled lightning affinity.
  • Added biome identification.
  • Changed the interface colors some.
  • Changed custom skill settings display form, less is more.
  • Added a continental map, map now loops from one edge to the other. World size is 512x512

  • Vigor Control language was removed.
  • New Vigor Control language was added.
  • Vigor is invisible to the naked eye again under normal conditions. It is still visible to the creator, can not be used as projectile.
  • Rewrote movement.
  • Removed all basic affinities.
  • Added a rehauled earth affinity.

  • Added clan chat.
  • Fixed the bug where vigor can't pass from one map to the other.
  • Land claim and disclaim messages only get sent to the clan members now.

27.04.2013 - Ugh..
  • Increased the world size.
  • A couple of bugfixes.
  • The game no longer loads 7x7 map area at the start.
  • Fixed the house bug, damn dem cockroaches.
  • Added a basic attack skill with melee and vigor to slot 1 and slot 2. (You guys better thank Michael N)
  • Fixed the damage bug.
  • Added edit.
  • Added promotion/demotion.
  • Released vigor is now visible to everyone.

  • Enabled the "speak" ability.
  • Updated the interface.
  • Removed the administration system.
  • Added a new administration system.
  • Added purgatory/jail, a dimension separated from the rest of the world. When banished/jailed you'll be teleported there and you'll become unable to die and you'll be stuck there until the end of your sentance.

25.04.2013 - Well done!
  • Changed the map generation method, performance costs were reduced.
  • The guide system is added.
  • Added a few articles to the guide.
  • Added a sound effect for level up.
  • Popups show damage done.
  • Added saplings.
  • Trees now drop saplings which can be planted.
  • Added a couple of new costumes

24.04.2013 - Trying to pick up pace!
  • Chat bubbles and on-screen global chat has been abolished, wastes too much resources.
  • Added a simplistic console.
  • Limited the world size to Maximum Players Online x 10 + 50.
  • 7x7 map area gets opened up when the server initially starts.
  • Started work on a guides.

23.04.2013 - Slacking off again!
  • Minor changes.

22.04.2013 - Slacking off!
  • Added vitality/vigor/molded vigor indicator on the screen.

21.04.2013 - Didn't get much done!
  • Added a hatchet into the game.
  • Updated the clan's claim land method.
  • Clan shrines can now only be created on land claimed by the clan or unclaimed land.
  • Added chat and error logs.
  • Fixed world chat.

20.04.2013 - I can hear!
  • Fixed the chat bubble some more.
  • Added on screen world chat. Return/Enter+Shift to use.
  • Added a few sounds and music.
  • Fixed tools.
  • Fixed traits and ability learning.
  • Rocks now also drop crystal, coal and metal.
  • Console has been abolished.
  • Sign dynamics were changed a bit.

19.04.2013 - Oh the randomness!
  • Set random prices for the abilities for now, they are probably overpriced in terms of points.
  • Clan claim fixed.
  • Cliff's health lowered from 1000 to 500.
  • Added a cordinate/land owner/realm indicator on the top left corner of the screen.
  • Crafting now also displays how many of each item you will need for future reference, however you can't see things for which you don't have materials for.
  • Added on screen local chat. Press Return/Enter to use.
  • Added tools: shovel, pickaxe. Using them you can harvest specific resources easier.

18.04.2013 - Getting ready
  • Clans can claim/disclaim land.
  • For every land claimed the clan gets a +5% points increase when a member levels up.
  • You now only get one random affinity at the start of your character.
  • You can now acquire new abilities for points in the "My Character" menu, you start with limited abilities.
  • Added a sign.
  • Broken down house frames will drop their respective construction materials.
  • Houses can only be built on the clan's claimed land.
  • Clan founders can now add officers to the clan, officers can do almost everything the founders can. Officers have permissions to use the clan points as they see fit and can claim/disclaim land aswell as build shrines.
  • You can only carry a certain amount of items based on weight 2.5x your physique in kilograms.
  • You can now acquire new affinities, apart from the random one you get.

17.04.2013 - Minor changes
  • Shrines can only be made in the overworld.
  • Clan territory system was decided.

16.04.2013 - Getting some results
  • Environment can be modified and rebuilt by players.
  • Dirt which is adjecent to grass will be turned to grass over time.
  • You can make 3 different types of houses (wood, stone, sandstone), each house needs atleast one entrance.
  • You can now toggle on/off if you want to pick up items.
  • Added grass seeds.
  • Vigor sense can sense people inside houses
  • Basic system for traits.
  • All /atom/movable inside houses when they are destroyed are thrown to the overworld.
  • Added a good amount of traits, both merits and flaws.
  • You can obtain traits through "My Character" menu, beware traits once acquired can't be lost.

15.04.2013 - Basic elements complete, for now...
  • Added a death window when someone suffers a permanent death, they will be able to see their creation time, maximum level and level up count, the whole record.
  • Added the wind affinity.
  • Added the water affinity.

14.04.2013 - It is bigger on the inside.
  • Added the basic system for houses.
  • Fixed Body Flicker.

13.04.2013 - Minor updates
  • Added the missing icons for Vigor Preservation and Nature Transformation.
  • Added new items and their recipes: crystal dust, metal dust, coal dust, explosives.

12.04.2013 - Back to work
  • Overhauled some parts of the interface again.
  • Vigor control, nature transformation can now target multiple projectiles at the same time.
  • Added a statistics window.
  • Added "My Character" menu list.
  • Added as basic crafting system.

11.04.2013 - Took a break

10.04.2013 - Structure
  • Changed the method the maps are accessed when moving from one map to the other.
  • Now if a map file is missing or it's loading fails the game will automaticly regenerate the map to it's original state.
  • Changed related to the map loading method to make things more efficent.
  • Modified the look of the interface a little, I hope it is now more pleasing to the eye.
  • Added a 3 second chat message delay in hopes to decrease/avoid spam.
  • You can now spent points to improve your elemental affinity, every point spent increases the effectiveness by 1%.

9.04.2013 - Awww yeah
  • Added lightning to the nature transformation.
  • Reconfigured the growth of the element particles.
  • Rebalanced stat boosts per point basis.
  • Started ground work on earth nature transformation.

8.04.2013 - Ow nature!
  • Made icons for existing abilities.
  • Added delete for admins.
  • Changed released vigor's properties, it is no longer dense, however it gains density when moving.
  • Added nature transformation, you can transform released Vigor into an elemental form, currently only Fire.

7.04.2013 - Bugs & Tweaks
  • Fixed a water walk, attack, vigor focus and vigor sense.
  • Added summon, teleport and teleport to location for admins.

6.04.2013 - Bleh
  • Started posting the update list on the hub for public access.
  • Clan founders can now upload their clan emblem, the icon has to be 32x32 pixels and be black and white(or transparent).
  • If you have a savefile, it will now be displayed at login with basic information.
  • Made a slight change on how the mobs are displayed in clan contorl panel, character creation and login screen.
  • Clan emblems are now displayed on the clan shrines, engraved into them.
  • Changed the method of time handling.
  • Added the ability to dispel and release Vigor.

5.04.2013 - Right into the Soul
  • The souls of players record special trait and abilities from past lives.
  • Based on the levels of the past lives you get extra points to spend on your character.
  • World map management fixed.
  • Set element's kinetic energy and endurance ratios along with a few tweaks.

4.04.2013 - Mind control
  • Added basic remote control for mobs, the ability to control other bodies besides your real one.
  • A few minor bug fixes here and there.
  • Every point invested into vitality now not only gives +25 into your max vitality, but also adds +1 hours to your lifespan. Every character starts off with a base lifespan of 14 days, you lose 10% of your remaining lifespan at death, perma-death occurs when your lifespan drops to zero.
    NB! This goes for both clan based and individual points.

3.04.2013 - Testing
  • Did some testing today and posted some screenshots on the forum.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs related to spawning at the clan's shrine.
  • Clan creation is now available at runtime and the privacy settings are available.
  • Added gatherable resources from the environment.

2.04.2013 - Abilities
  • Added more abilities into the fray, most are basic controls and manipulation powers.
  • Only subscribers have access to clan control panel and have the ability to found clans.
  • Clans have the ability to hide themselves from clan selection menu.
  • BYOND members get 10 extra points to spend on stats, traits and abilities.
  • Improved the character creation process, you can select through multiple costumes and customize the colors to your liking (those too can be fixed by the clan founder).
  • Skill creation now shows how much vitality/vigor/damage the skill uses and the cooldown of the skill.

1.04.2013 - Clan progress
  • Clan customization options added for appearance and stats.
  • Clan appearance can be fixed based on the founder's choice, for example: Everyone's hair color has to be blue.
  • Started working on elemental affinities.

31.03.2013 - Login
  • Worked on the Login System.
  • Clan selection added.
  • Clan Shrines mark the spot where clan members respawn and are born.
  • Fixed world saving and loading, now maps, which were anchored before reboot/shutdown will be loaded on start up.
  • Clans can be made private to specific keys only or you can set a password on the clan. Both methods can be used at the same time.
  • Only clan founders and officers can spawn into the world if there are no shrines present, everyone else is denied access.
  • Clans can upload a black and white(or transparent) icon of their emblem, this will be displayed at clan selection.
  • The basic system for the character creation is done.

30.03.2013 - Update List Era
  • Customized the interface somewhat.
  • Added couple of new abilities.
  • Added kinetic force transfering to objects and the turf.
  • Finished the implementation of the skill system.
  • Set up the hub of the game.

First comment, I'm proud!
Can't wait to test out this game and give feedback.
Technically speaking the game is playable, however I am not quite satisfied with it just yet. Which means I am going to update and add some more content before I make it playable to the public.
I joined once and now I can't rejoin!
In response to Lokeen
We have some server issues, trying to get them sorted out.
Well I cannot create a new character until someone makes a clan. Oh well.
Hope those server issues get fixed!
Well, I'll keep the server down for now. Got most of the information I needed and the feedback and how people adapted etc.

Of course, more feedback would be awesome.
It was a pretty fun beta test can't wait for another one sometime. I liked what there was so far, but once you get into making the real 'meat' of the game then this game will shine for sure.
Aww I missed it? this is what I get for
I also seemed to get a lag spike everytime that I used Vigor that drained my Life. Such as if I use a Vigor that releases 80 and I only have about 70 Vigor currently it would then drain 10 Life away after its usage. Not sure if that can be fixed or not.
Well first of all, it was alpha testing, ha-ha. But yeah, gotta get into working on the systems still, not everything works as I wanted, although most of it does.

I'd like people to understand that I have only been working on this for about a month and the basic systems are about done, the whole fundamentals, got some bugs here and there, but get fixed easily.

And I suppose I should also review the subscription perks I had planned, maybe.

Thank you guys for being there, got a few new ideas, sort of.
I enjoyed my time playing, i like the whole concept and how you can customize your character's abilities to your like,even though it's a lil complicated to understand the mold/release/control system at the beginning, after you get the hang of it, things get pretty interesting, also there's lots of fun optimazing it for the best outcome/performance of your abilities.

I suggest a chat for clans and alliances when implemented.

Can't wait to play again :P
This game is great and has amazing potential. It does need some more work but it's already good. There should be more /useful/ things you can craft, like weapons or clothes.
I think There should be more abilities apart from a vigor release ball, like summoning of spirits and weapons, healing, stunning effects on attack or vigor release, melee abilities, explosion of the release, vigor explosion around the character, SO MANY MORE THINGS and anything that would help make characters more unique, if at least in their fighting style.
If there is no forum for this game, there should be.

Apart from that, I think this deserves a 24/7 server.
It was my first time playing the game. It was interesting on how you can customize your abilities and such. I can't wait to see more of this.
Hey did you get this name by writing Love backwards? Also, did you get it from an Eminem song? o - o
In response to Zecronious
No and yet again, no.
Lol, well you're gonna have to put up with people asking I guess cause it's so obviously Love written in reverse.
While it is Love in reverse, it actually comes from (Ev)il (O)ver(l)ord, for all intents and purposes.
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