by Taitz
Become a leader of your own faction and develop it or join an existing one. Claim land as your own and make allies. Most importantly, wage war and have fun!
Or evolution shortened!
In response to Lokeen
One of the many indeed.
Looks like a great game, i fan it and im most likely gunna play when it comes online
And then, it vanished without leaving a trace.
I do not know if anyone is ever even going to see this, but I think Evol was an amazing game. It had done so many great things in an innovative way, and did it all so well. I loved all the aspects of the game. It was beautiful, had the greatest mechanic I've ever seen in my entire life, and had an awesome community. If you are going to stop making Evol, It would still be nice to at least have a server of the current version, because even at the current state it is a great game.
If you can't do that, it would still be nice if you could release the source code of the game so that we can still enjoy it and make servers of our own, or even use it to inspire ourselves for other games.
Still, we all hope you get back to this game for real one day, but if you can't, then please, don't let it just fade away like this.
Well, I saw it... I suppose. I am still kind of active, at times. I outgrew Evol and am experimenting with different things, plus "life" happened, yes I can be killed now.

"That which has no life, can not be killed." - Said someone
If you outgrew it, could you please let others try there best with it? Allow people to openly host it?
I'm not trying to sound like an asshole or anything, but the short version of the answer would be: "No."

That for various reasons, especially when I am even currently using the systems involved in the game, even though I have changed some mechanisms in it.

Besides that fact, BYOND is more than enough infested with rippers, who claim other's work to be their own etc, don't want to add to it.

And the most influential reason not to do it - I do not want people to gain profit on my expense, my hard work being exploited.

I am sure you understand the flaws of your suggestion.

Have a Nice Day.
Well, that explains open-sourcing, but if you dont me asking-- why not open-hosting? im one of those really big fans of Evol.
Would it still be possible to allow others to host the game without letting them have the code, the game itself? I don't know much about how this works, but it might be possible to still have the game rolling by others without letting them dispose of it.

On another note, can't wait to see new stuff from you!
Short answer - it never happened.
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