How To Make a Game

by VcentG
This will be a game to help others create their game. Instead of boring tutorials have pictures and interactivity!
This is not done yet, so if you see it hosted keep that in mind, most likely if it's hosted I'm just showing it to someone. Please go to the forum and suggest anything for the sections so this can help people make good games.

Request topics: [email protected] or page VcentG

Current Tutorial Status:
Coding: 5%
Iconing: 100%
Mapping: 100%
Hosting: 75%
FAQ: 0%

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could you put codes on because i dont know how to do codes
can you make a dutch version?
i can speak/read enlish good, But it's hard too read instructions another lanquage.
hey vcent i made my game but i cant play it how i do that?
sweet mine is next
can you make a italian version please?
On the coding can you say where all the codes go on.
well this never help me make a game
i got no idea :/
i need the codes or a blank format i'm not so good at programing so i need help there
This was very helpful, thanks!