Heroes Legacy

by Gaboswsttj
Heroes Legacy
An amazing game, here you can choose between good or evil and fight with amazing abilities!!! The update is done!! So come and have fun!! FINALLY 4th BETA!!! Now downloadable!!!
An amazing game, here you can choose between good or evil and fight with amazing abilities!!!, get skills from your favorite series: Avatar, Danny Phantom, DBZ, Charmed and there's more to come!!!

---Under Construction---

Beta 4!!! WOOOOT!!! It's been a while since our last update!! But I worked a lost in this update so i hope you all LOVE it!!! Check out what's new a little down there!!


*What's new?:

a)Earth Added
b)More GM verbs
c)More attacks
d)You can now be a women!!
e)Guardians and Demons councils
g)Magic, Demon and Ghost skills
h)A restaurant!
j)Save bug fixed
l)Super Saiyan!!
m)Super Saiyan 2!!
n)Super Saiyan 3!!
)Super Saiyan 4!!
p)Telekinetic Orbing
q)Spell Saying!
s)New NPCs Monsters
t)House buying!
x)Astral Guardians!
y)Status Bars!
z)A Whole New look!!
There's More to come in the next update so come in and have fun!!

More Below!!

The Game
In this new game, you must choose a side, you can be a guardian (persons who are in service of good and protect the world from evil beings) or an evil being (i'm sure the name gives you a huge idea lol ^^), when you choose you'll get to your respective academy, there you will start learning abilities, you'll grow up with the time and leave the academy, to live your life in service of your side, so come on and try this great game!!!
Now in game

-DBZ Ki Skills
-Demon Skills
-Avatar Skills
-Ghost Skills
-Magic Skills

-Big Bank Attack
-Ki Blast
-Super Kamehameha
-Instant Kamehameha
-Instant Super Kamehameha
-Spirit Bomb
-Super Spirit Bomb
-Die Die Missile Barrage
-Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
-Sonic Speed(IT)
-Water Bend
-Earth Bend
-Fire Bend
-Air Bend
-Molecular Skills
-Premonition Skills
-Telekinesis Skills
-Telekinetic Orb Skills
-Shapeshifting Skills
-Telephaty Skills
-Super Saiyans 1-4
-Whitelighter Skills
-Fusion Dance
To come

-More maps
-More skills
-More Transformations
-More Houses
-Moew Spells
-New Planets
-Guardians and Demons Legendary Tournament


*Owner & HeadMaster



Hope you really enjoy the game!!! Keep applying for teachers!!

(Please, report me any bug with an e-mail to [email protected])

Skills by Lvl
Lvl. Needed

Good Skills:

-Ki Blast

-Big Bang Attack



-Lvl. 2

-Lvl. 15

-Lvl. 50

Evil Skills:



-Fire Ignite


-Lvl. 2

-Lvl. 15

-Lvl. 50

Neutral Skills:


-Teleport To

-Sonic Speed (IT)


-Lvl. 70

-Lvl. 100

-Lvl. 150

Fail hub icons.
im gonna host alot again :P
Host it i wanna play!