Metal Gear Online

by SilverGear Inc.
Metal Gear Online game in the making. Beta version coming out soon. Apply at the forums! Hosted Daily, come check out the most awesome MGO game on byond!

Beta Version coming out soon! Apply to become a tester at the forums! The Beta will include.

New Radar System has been created! - Thanks to Gooseheaded!

1.Weapons testing.
-M1911A1 Pistol - 100% Done Created by XzAjaxzX
-M37 Shotgun - 100% Done Created by XzAjaxzX
-AK-47 Machine Gun - 100% Done Created by XzAjaxzX
-M63 Machine Gun - 100% Done Created by XzAjaxzX
-Mk22 Tranquilizer - 100% Done Created by Valiester
-SVD Sniper Rifle - 100% Done Created by XzAjaxzX
-RPG-7 Rocket Launcher - 100% Done Created by Valiester
-Scorpion Sub-Machinegun - 100% Done Created by Valiester
-XM16E1 Machine Gun - 100% Done Created by XzAjaxzX
-Many Different Types Of Grenades

2.Camouflage testing/Character Icons.
-FOXHOUND Suit - 100% Finished!
-Raiden Suit - - 100% Finished!
-Forest Camouflage
-Desert Camouflage
-Water Camouflage
-Darkness Camouflage
-Brick Camouflage
-Tree Camouflage
-Famous Alligator Camouflage

3.Swim testing.
-Character Swimming Icon - 100% Done

4.Team battle testing.
- 100% Done

5.Sniper training.
-With the SVD Sniper Rifle and the Mosin Nagant. - 100% Finished!

6.Explosives Training.
-Claymore's - 100% Done
7.Player Rankings.
-Military based Rankings.

8.Player suggestions.
-All game suggestions will be taken into serious consideration!

And Much Much more!
Come in and check out the excitment!!!

Welcome to Metal Gear Online! Game should be out EXTREMELY soon! The coding is 100% finished! Beta testing will be held sometime next week! This is the funnest and most fast paced game on BYOND! The game takes after Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. Taking the online play to true BYOND form. Right now we are in need of a few Administrators. Apply on the forums and tell us why you should be an administrator and we will see if you are fit to take on this tactical espionage and action packed game!

FOXHOUND Character: You will be under the command of the Big Boss himself. He will require you to train your stealth techniques and your CQC. He is preparing you for war so he wants you to be as strong as possible. These characters are masters of stealth and can easily infiltrate an enemies base with no problem.

Background: The Foxhound Unit was successfully created after Operation Snake Eater. If Mission Snake Eater was not successful Foxhound would have never been created. But since Big Boss successfully passed the mission then Foxhound was able to become its own unit.

Ocelot Gesture
GRU Character: You will be under the command of Ocelot himself. He will train you on weaponry and requires you to be extremely merciless. These characters are masters of weapondry and have nearly perfect aim. Perfect for an army.

Background: GRU Soldiers were either under the control of Colonel Ocelot or Colonel Volgin. Ocelot was born from Boss and Sorrow. There was a mix up in the middle so there was a split in the power. People began fighting their own soliders to get control of sokolov. He was a russian scientist that was building a weapon of mass destruction (Shagohod). It could shoot nuclear missiles from any kind of terrain. It was successfully destroyed at the end of the mission.

Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots
Raiden Characters: Under the command of Raiden himself. They are masters of blocking bullets and using a sword. They can run faster than most characters and are more agile so they can dodge and block attacks easier. But their downfall is that they are as physically strong as other characters, But they are very good to have on your side.

Background: The Original Raiden was raised by Solidus. He was practically trained as a ninja and now has his own showing in the new Metal Gear Solid 4. The other players besides Raiden are mear mimics. But are still just as good in technique.

Colonel Volgin
Raikov Team: Very similary to the Ocelot Team they are skilled with weapondry and explosives. Whats different is they have more powerful weapons like stronger machine guns. But the machine guns are heavier so they walk slower. I recommend being this character if you want to be sheer power.

Background: They are part of the conspiracy. They fought with GRU soldiers for control of Sokolov so they can use Shagohod for their bidding. They werent successfully able to gain control of Sokolov, Or the Shagohod.

The gameplay is quite simple. Players will meet up with their commanders and discuss tactics for two minutes before the game starts. When the game starts players will set out to find and kill the other opposing teams. There can be alliances in this game but you can only be allied with one other side. But Snake can only be allied with Raiden team. And Ocelot can only be allied with Raikov. For the Snake team there will be a hidden percentage at the top. The higher the precentage the more of your icon will be depleted. So the better you are at hiding and using your camoflauge. The less the enemy will be able to see you. This will be the first time this technique will be used in a game. There also might hidden NPCs like Boss. And Big boss. We are also gonna add fighting the Cobras as a side quest. Theres gonna be millions of things in this game. And they all go back into the best game for the playstation system that ever hit the earth. Metal Gear Solid




High Administrators

MnBran - GFX Artist
Valiester - Iconist

Two more Administrators are needed!

All game ideas will be taken into serious consideration. Thank you.

This game is
100%. We will accept no ripped icons or coding. This game is brought to you by SilverGear Inc.

Hideo Kojima
All credit goes to Hideo Kojima for creating Metal Gear Solid.

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