Dragonball Z Holy Wars 2

by Lord_Darox
The final chapter in my game making career..
A long time ago when dragonballz ran rampant on byond I made a game. DBZ Holy Warz. Miraculously the game had an average of 50 players on the server at all times. There was constant updates and a whole lot of tournaments. I made it so you could be normal races with new moves and even a twist of the divine or unholy as a special transformation. I made new moves for the damned such as vampire clone and all.. I even made a battle ground for both where with your final transformation you could hide in a mass of your own kind and silently assassinate your foe. Well those days are back. I am going to be doing all the work myself.. Very few positions are needed.. I myself will not run the game. I might play here and there but it is up to the host to run the server. I may just come in once in a while and make sure things run fair.

Host files will be released and anyone who wishes to run may run. Although I will say which ever server I deem the best and most frequently up will be the "capitol server". Gains will be larger and the admins will have more powers. SO it's somethign to weigh in when you decide to make a server.

Soon I will begin to list features as I make them and we'll go for there. For any questions concerning the game and NOT moderation positions please e-mail me at [email protected]