Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
I'm doing what I can to build momentum with the project. Some minor effort has been made towards the website which currently needs a tremendous amount of work. Ideally I'll be able to find someone adept with wordpress within the community to assist; freeing me up for other work.

Once the website starts to take shape again, I will continuously keep it updated with development progress instead of keeping things too secretive.
It would be good to have an active forum as well, some users could be given blog privileges to keep the news flowing. This will be beneficial to generate more feedback also.

My goal is to outsource as much work as possible, I aim to do this by turning to the community to do small pieces of work and contributing to the design process. Since I'm the only programmer, it's a good idea to allow me to focus solely on that when possible.

I'm considering getting a server soon just to get the game back up, then figure out the updates from there. It will be difficult to find a few helpers otherwise.

I should put some thought into these posts, but it's late and I just want to keep players informed of where things are going.
Best of luck (:
Sounds like a good plan. If you do decide to give players "blogging privileges" to keep the community informed, I would be glad to post news updates with development progress... among other things. I have quite a bit of free time on my hands as of late... so it would actually be a relief to be given something to do.
I would like blogging privileges to help out.
So is DMO a go or no go? I would really like for it to be reinstated, I had fun playing both old and new versions, and it really saddens me that DMO might be no more. Also, as to your other Game Status post, your statement that "there appears to be enough Yu-Gi-Oh! games on BYOND to cover it's absence" is false, none of the current Yu-Gi-Oh games come close to DMO's awesomeness.
:-P Gilly, check out the dates and titles on the two topics. The more current one is going to be the one Kajika currently has his mind set on. :)

The answer seems to be that he's working on getting it back up and running. Whether that means constant updates thereafter like before, he hasn't said.
It's a go for now, I'm chipping away at it a little at a time.

I'm currently struggling with some BYOND limitations, which are slowing me down much more than I would like. So for now I've lowered my standards just to get things progressing.

I'll do my best to keep everyone posted.
kk, good luck with ya kajika
I kinda have some experiance for stuff like that as I used to be Moderator and one of the captains on the old SoL Forum but this was waaay back now so I forget the leaders name ;)
What sort of limitations are you running into, out of curiosity, that is?
I think saying limitations may have given the wrong impression. When I wrote that I was struggling to find a way to efficiently rotate the card icons(I previously had all four directions in the resource download which made it obviously much bigger than it needed to be). The current method just uses turn() to rotate the icon, which is supposed to be handled client-side now; although it still makes the image disappear for a split second. I'll be leaving it as-is for the time being.

Being able to use maptext is a help now, the lack of any internal function to draw text was frustrating.

A few days ago I was intending to move the entire project to use the map control, unfortunately some functions can be very object heavy when using BYOND. Displaying a lobby for example. I'm still considering this transformation but I'm in no hurry, I can't even figure out how to fit everything into a 1024x768 resolution yet(I made the duel field too big in retrospect).
I'm glad to hear that its not dead Kajika. If it was not for DMO I would never have hung around BYOND and made my own project.

What I would like to ask is, if possible, could you have the OLD DMO up, like D-M-Oh! Classic. I had loads of fun playing that game and it brings back many fond memories.

I like the new version and look forward to seeing where you are heading with that but id love to be able to play retro DMO too. Wish you luck with your updates! :)
Old DMO will not come back, Kajika explained this already.
So stop be persistant.
In response to Dekiel
Dekiel wrote:
Old DMO will not come back, Kajika explained this already.
So stop be persistant.

Shut up and read his comment again , he wasn't being persistant. Just a simple sentence.
yay you gonna make the new one better but no offense i liked it better with the duel arena and actual monsters on the field
When is this game going to be released ?! I likes this game. I want to play it >:O
In response to Dekiel
Dekiel wrote:
Old DMO will not come back, Kajika explained this already.
So stop be persistant.

Not in this thread he did not... no need to be rude.
As much as I'd like to just throw the old version up, it honestly doesn't work anymore. Which is why I started the new version, after spending several hours trying to get the old version working and stable just proved to be too unfeasible.

The other big issue is it was horribly unstable for whatever reason I could never discover; even after rebuilding large parts of it multiple times.
Personally I'd like to see or have a hint given to what the 'Coming Soon' projects are!
Who says you haven't?
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