Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
People are still posting here, that makes me happy. I wonder if the original host files would even work now? I've never played League, but if anyone is down to teach me I'd be willing to play.
Hey James, you can add me on League! :D My username is: Copnm

Do it! DO IT NOW!!! >:|
You guys can add me on Instagram or Twitter ;)
Hey guys, I'm curious to know something. I'm actually really happy that there's still activity here, do any of you know if Kajika is still active?
I know D-M-O! Went down and I too miss it but I need to know about it's creator. Did he just quit Byond or do any of you know if he's still active and just not working on any of his games anymore.
Guys come try out DMU it's still in he early stages but it's shaping up nicely
Hey cop remember playing poker while on DMO lol
Hey gaiz,

@Shinigo: Yea, Kajika is done with BYOND.
@J.P: Playing poker? I don't remember that, lol. I do remember raping with my shadow deck though. :)
Damn. ._. Well, thanks for letting me know. I was curious because I wanted to know a bit about his Dungeon Dice Monsters game.
Wow.... To see the fact that people are still posting on this forum is amazing to say the least. Broken you're still horrible :-p But anyway we should all try to organize something and all get together online and play something and chat and catch up. If anyone's interested lmk on here and how to get in touch with you and I'll try to set something up. It's been forever, I miss you guys.
Hey, I noticed you guys are still a somewhat active community. If any of you are interested, my team and I have been working on a game for the past year known as Duel Monsters Universe. Like DMO, it is automatic, and we currently have 1.5k cards in-game. We update frequently and are not stopping. Thank you all for your time. http://www.byond.com/games/WorldWideDuelist/ DuelMonstersUniverse

OMG I haven't been here since how many years ago!
Kinda nice to find people still posting here. I wonder what everyone is upto nowadays.
...Thinking about this game, made me check the forums and what do i find :D

Miss you guys!
Hiten I'm surprised you actually remembered my name's Jay. Means alot to know people actually remember me and I miss all of you and this game greatly. I'd love to keep in contact with all of you so add me on Facebook my username should be TDNEXX or follow me on Twitter @TdNeXx make sure you tweet at me or send me a message on Facebook so I know who you are.
We could all just meet on YGO DevPro or Dueling Network.
I see some familiar faces. I haven't talked to a lot of you since I was young.
Well I tried posting a message about a week ago but it was deleted. 2 of my friends are programmers that were working on a ff triple triad card game, but their project is on hold. they've offered to help create a complete replica of the dmo that we used to know, shadow, shitty walking, etc. as we all remember it. fortunately there are youtube videos showing alot of they key features of the game. I have to talk to kajika about it though he's never online. because due to it being his game. I figure I'll need his permission and his input on it.
Kajika is long gone. He never gets online and hasn't gotten online in forever.... I'm sorry to say, but I feel as if that would be a lost cause.
*secretly checks the forums every other week to see if anyone posted something new*
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