Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
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Kajika wrote:
As much as I'd like to just throw the old version up, it honestly doesn't work anymore. Which is why I started the new version, after spending several hours trying to get the old version working and stable just proved to be too unfeasible.

The other big issue is it was horribly unstable for whatever reason I could never discover; even after rebuilding large parts of it multiple times.

That's really unfortunate. Thanks for the response though Kajika. I think we've all been there with some wierd crash/problem that just does not seem to want to go away. The bigger the project the harder it is to pin down, guess its the proverbial needle in a haystack.
why don't u copy the dmo folder and put the one u have with no errors online and work on the one that you copied, i honestly liked playing dmo even though it wasn't done it was fun
If you haven't been paying attention, Makaddy, the old version of DMO! doesn't work. It's not a matter of whether it has errors or not. There have been numerous updates over the years to the engine and somewhere along the line, something was tweaked that negatively affected DMO!. Kajika has stated that he's tried to correct it, but the problem is too deep seated, or hidden, to find and correct.
I honestly can't wait for DMO to come back up again :) I loved the old version of it and the new version is okay too so anxiously waiting for it to get back up :D
hiro the dragon king, im not talking about the old version, he had a working version of the new one and it worked fine. It wasnt complete but it was fine
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old version was much better than new one, but i enjoyed both of them.I hope Kajika release this game soon
D-M-O! holds memories for me; although I am a fairly new player compared to veterans like Ammy, Jie and some others. I remember one "clan war" I think it was called where this one dude whose clan abused some Limiter Remover or something beat 2muchskill. I guess that's what they get for doing it when Ammy wasn't on. Another thing about D-M-O! is that honestly I don't care about whether I'm playing old or new version. It's the people I play with that make the game enjoyable for me.
I'm starting to miss this game
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I remember you wrath :P And yeah I agree that old DMO was much better but as you said i dont mind which one we are playing, it's still the best Yugioh online game out there. As Uria said it's not about the game, it's about the people you play with. Do we have an update on when it's going to be back or are we still waiting?
Im not a 'veteran' and i dont remember that war.
I am a "veteran" and I DO remember that war. (On a side note, my Kuriboh deck RAPED limiter removal.)

Back to topic. Kajika, if there's anything you would like me to do to help let me know. :) We all miss "D-M-O!" (or DMO if you prefer.) Again, you've made the best game to ever touch BYOND. It'd probably still be ranked #1 if it didn't only count members. And I agree, the community was/is awesome.
I really miss this game. I highly enjoyed it. Kajika, if you need any help hit me up. :3
It's nice to see that Kajika is still in the mood to develop games despite the numerous problems he has encountered, both technical and personally annoying. If you need cash, I can send some. SOME. LOL but seriously, I want to help out if not physically.

it's such a shame that i'll never be able to use the old deck codes. i mean, i've amassed 110 decks over the course of my stay here. and about half of them came from other players :D

Below will be my own story which is a bit long but hey, since everyone was doing it...

I started playing this game, my first game on BYOND, way back in May of 2007, in which I'll be celebrating 5 years of being a DMO fan in 3 days (May 22).

I was 16 going 17 then.

It all started when I was watching the first series of YuGiOh! and I started becoming addicted to the card game. I then found BYOND when a guy at the forum posted a Naruto game or something. I obviously had this game in mind.

To keep things short, it was the community and not the game itself that made me stay here. Although the community was pretty all crappy and whatever negative definition you could put it, it was very fun and everyone was friends regardless of whether someone was acting like a b*tch or being an as*hole (like jamesuknow59, seriously).

I'll also remember my first clan, BEGA in which SOL was the leader then. Then Arro recruited me for "Akatsuki" LOL

A few highlights I'll never really forget even if I forced myself to: Then BrokenSouI's fits, thonya, moose, Dr.Doom's racist remarks, grape(?), jared's poker enthusiasm (and eventually, addiction) and his damn stein deck. Raisin logging in as Topdeck or tophat.The Sennins and all the funny names. N00B clan, the Brazilians who always asked "Algum Br?!" (Remember Kareempoo?, and I keep forgetting whether it was JPhenomenal or OLB who was studying to be a doctor (any updates on this, aeris?)

The members I'll never really forget, aside from the ones mentioned and in the thread here, would be IGOR117GTS (who still thinks I'm jared9 LOL), Memotheone, SonGoku, Mr. Dog, Unr3al_Chaos (who gave me my first good normal deck in the first week of my gaming which was a warrior deck), and last but not the least, Dmitry Huss' brother TheBestGamerOutThere who taught me how to duel in shadow and even gave me his deck. (the Dimension fusion. even in my head, I know i can remake that deck which is made of 44 cards)

And oh yeah, I'm also Fated Blue. Igor found this out by accident on some other YGO game when DMO was offline.

Thanks for reading. See you guys soon.
Thought I might as well post something since I've been following updates on DMO ever since it went down last, waiting patiently for when it might come back. Me and my friend Bananigans have been playing DMO for years, it was a ton of fun. We usually stuck to playing one another but if he wasn't around I'd hop on and play whoever. I'm glad to see the game isn't dead, and no matter how long it takes it'll be worth it. Hopefully your motivation comes back, I know how rough it can be to work on something you have no drive to complete. Good luck, man.
I see tons of my fellow players still play Yata Guratsu , Amulet Dragon, , Sausage, Unknown Duellist and EternalDuelistSoul in the forum or anyone else I missed. I'm still around the game and I am a "veteran" of the game. I had started the game back in Feb 27, of 2005. I have seen players come and go. I've started wars with probably just about everyone but, it was all for show. Honestly, I love this game as much as anyone. Kajika, we have had our differences but, you have done a great job through the years. Some may remember me from my quotes such as "HAVE NO FEAR JAMES IS HERE" or "Jamy is here!!!" I want to help any new players and make way for the new and up and comers. As always if you guys needs me , you can find me around. :)
Now, as far as Anima9 is concerned. I'm sorry man if I ever offended you. My key objective is to become one of the most recognized players and the biggest name to step into this game. Which I have done by any means necessary. I may have trolled alot but, sorry man. No hard feelings I hope.
I don't need a game, just a gold star... Or 4 :)

Glad i checked in, I thought DMO was gone forever and migrated away. Had many great times playing that game, look forward to the new release!
Kajika I would love you help you with whatever I can. I easily maintain a website, help you with cards and other icons and map work.
i use to play this game everyday last year, i remade a account just to come back and play it, hope its back up soon :)
so many memories.. I played the latest dmo, the best thing abt it was there were barely any of the konami banned cards, but without the lobby and consecutive tournaments, its just not dmo. I also miss deck masters but I can live w/o that.

one day we'll have free automated dueling once again
yeah the tournaments were awesome fun :)
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