Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
What's more important now than reminiscing about old DMO, is how we can help this new version become better than the old one. Because old DMO's system was top notch, so this one already will have a leg up on it.
Is DMO ever coming back?
I'm sure DMO will come back since its loved by many but since Kajika is doing everything solo we just gotta be patient :) as im sure he has personal things to do aswell so just gotta be patient
Yea I agree with everyone, DMO was a great past time and i the best game on byond. Im even willing to send donations if it will help Kajika get back into the groove.
I heard a rumor, that I made up yesterday, that DMO is coming back tomorrow.
DMO was the best game on beyond and i really miss it.I hope Kajika release the game soon ... !! :)
Okay is this game even up and running! There are currently 4 others + myself (= 5) people waiting patiently to play this AMAZING game!
just update the card database so it can have all the card that was made.
@SusanMarkington - No, it's not up and running yet. (Although I wait every day. :( ...) Read up on earlier posts on the forum to get the whole story; try not to cry.

@Stardust - That's never happened, even in the old version. Kajika won't add all the cards EVER... partially due to space issues, partially because the engine won't allow them (since it's automated... woot woot), and several other previously stated reasons.
BTW Kaj... I know old DMO doesn't work, but what about DDMO. I don't remember hearing much of it (although many of the DMO people never got around to playing it as hosting was sporadic.)
I hope someday this game come back to make me smile again .-.

Tnx for everything Kajika o//
you guys shutup its not coming back possibly..stop waiting.
Played many yugioh games this by far the most entertaining.
Unlike most yugioh games that are free out there, everything has to be manually set up, hamachi, etc.

Be patient am sure kajika has a life of his own and at same time trying to make this game for everyone to enjoy.

Keep up the work, FIGHTING! :)
Well I came on here expecting this game to gone for good. I figured Kajika would of stopped with it. This verison has been getting developed for a long time, and doesnt seem to be close to complete.

I loved my time on DMO, and I want to thank Kajika and the community for it. Hell I even still talk to(and are facebook friends) with some of the people from DMO.

I would assume Kajika is older then most of us when we started this game. I started back when I was probably 13-14. That was 8 years ago. Kajika most likely has real life stuff to worry about now.
If you guys need, I know a lagless, 24/7 host... ME! Contact me via pager, or just leave me a shout on shoutbox. Alsom just cuz im offline, doesnt mean I am not on the byond website, which I can see pages from.
Someone put the game up sooon its been down for to long

The Picture says it all
Really I seen this Game on Youtube and i want to play it.I already Played Duel Monsters Expert and Genesis and i don't want to play those anymore i want to play This,Because Dueling Network is Getting on my Nerves the Admins Are really mean and they banned me for posting 3 Tournament Links.They gave me a chance but i don't want to get a Perma Ban and be at my Computer with no Online Dueling Yu-Gi-Oh Site that i'm suitable to play with,So Please The Kajika Bring the game back up we want to play your game,Worry bout the People who play and not bout the people who don't play cause we want to play a Game that been at it's Best for Years,so please bring D-M-O! Back up we are home sick.
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