Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
Man rereading this thread and seeing people still reply to it brought a tear to my eye lol. Miss this game, was a big part of my childhood.
oh wow
But I thought you didn't have a Soul. :O
Thinking about Kajika and this game again. Hi everyone. I miss you Kaji.

Been getting back into League more lately. Nami is awesome! ^_^v I might be able to get to plat 5 if I'm super lucky.
Hey Rukia. :) What's your username on League? I personally prefer Sona. :3
i wana play add me coppy @EDUBBY :P
Dubby! :D :D :D <3<3<3
Lmao Cant believe dmo meant that much to all of us! Copnm! Ammy! Edub!i miss this game and the players!
Lol all u bums still around :P
no u
Holy shit its you guys, i cant believe i am seeing you all it brings back so much memories, you might not remember me, but i remember all of you. I dont know if you remember EDUB but you mentored me for a while and taught me how to make burn decks.

P.S: I play league on eu west if you guys want to you can add: Heavenlywind

P.P.S: Remember me Amy? ( What i used to call amulet)
yes. dont i dont remember u calling me amy, i am a guy o_o
@shazzy miss you too hun @heavnlywind Of course i remember you!Hope you have been well.

ps: As for leauge I only play on NA and BR servers my NA account is angelrunning48 you guys can add me if you want to play.
Ahh man can't believe we are all waiting around for this game. Why won't kaj look at this and bring it back. I would seriously put money on to bring it back. This game used to distract me from the Bull S*** life used to throw at me. Maybe one day we can have dmo back!
Jamy is here!!

Man...seeing the old guys still around. I miss the old days. One time this was the life of my childhood. Truly a amazing game.

LOL i thought of this game a while ago.
i used to be ok. the only recent names i recognize are soulicious and amulet dragon.
i remember the friends i made on here! while i was young. can i tag people?
btw i was around 10 when i was playing in 2005, i don't know why people thought i was older, but i rolled with it. i remember.. jay (phoenix), legendary icon, jie, goku's guitar, aeris, konoha kel, dragonishi.
something like that.
but i'm in college now, majoring in computer science. :D mostly because of BYOND and other software dev stuff. ok bye my 2 cents
Was just thinking about this game too. Miss playing duel monsters with you all. Last time I played this I was still in high school and now I'm almost done university lol.

Hi Shaz, Copmn, EDUB,James,Amulet.

Maybe one day this game will come back! :)
Hey, It's me HellzAngel666 ^^ I remember everyone still pretty well.


Its been a looooooooooooooong time!

I miss this game, alot =[. Nothing has come close to filling this big empty space in my soul for a well made game...

Does anyone have the stand alone server v5.4(well i think it was 4.x or 5.x)?
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