Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
Miss this game alot had lots of good memories
Yata here. My yata account was banned from posting here for some reason. I miss this game a lot. Ima add some people here on League and stuff hopefully to catch up.
Just dropping in to say Hi!

I was young when I played this game, I think it's been 8-10 years.

And I remember your BreakOutPhoenix. Had you on MSN too.

It gives me a very sinking feeling to come back on here after so many years. I loved the game.

Hope you're all doing okay. Will never forget DMO.

I also hope Kajika is doing well, never got in personal contact with him back then, but I have my utmost respects for him to give us this game. :)
Hello all,

D-M-O! doesn't look like it's going to return any time soon. There is an alternative though; you can duel "automatic" style by playing Duel Generations. You'd have to download Bluestacks and then download Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Generations through the Play Store. There are bots and multiplayer which is all quite challenging. Unfortunately there aren't any avatars that you'd use to walk around a map with. I've set up a discord channel for anyone who would want to chat while dueling, need help finding a duel or just for catching or getting to know one another. If anyone would like, page me.

My name on disCord is MissReina as well as on Duel Generations and byond.
Happy Hunting.
Thank you for your kind words. DMO is currently being hosted if anyone is interested in jumping back in for a duel.
Just thought of this. Shit man, finding this forum still 'alive' brings back so many memories.

Was a good time while it lasted.

Thanks Kaj for not taking it completely offline =)

- Grape aka Dragonishi
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